PFT:Colin Kaepernick to do full Combine workout

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Posted by Evan Silva on February 12, 2011, 6:10 PM EST
    Last year, then-Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour attempted to ride a productive Senior Bowl game into the draft by not throwing at the Combine. The move was surprising at the time.

    Not surprisingly, the move didn’t pay off. LeFevour was drafted in the sixth round, and later waived by the Bears.

    According to Smith, Kaepernick has his weight into the 230s after measuring 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds at January’s Senior Bowl. Kaepernick ran a high-4.4 forty at last year’s Nevada Junior Day, without training, and hopes to repeat or better the feat in Indianapolis
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    I love this kid, something just flashes to me, he reminds me of a former QB for the Cowboys, but I wont say who it is, so I dont get flamed. But if im right, and we draft him look out. Reports were that Jason Garrett was all over this guy, and the other qb Dalton.
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    Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick will participate in all events at this month's NFL Combine.
    "He is absolutely going to do everything at the Combine," his agent, Scott Smith, said on Saturday. "He wouldn't do it any other way." Considered by many to be the third best quarterback in this year's draft class, Kaepernick is taking a different approach than Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert, who are both expected to skip throwing drills at the Combine. Kaepernick's run a 4.4 forty in the past, and the owner of a reported 38 on the Wonderlic, he could turn himself into a truly elite prospect with a strong Combine. Related: Blaine Gabbert, Cam NewtonSource: Pro Football Talk on Feb 12, 6:25:00 PMPlayer Outlook
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    kid has been one of my dark horses for months. Cam Newton is getting all the pub, but if a team decides to be patient and tweak a couple of of things with his mechanics, Kaepernick could be just as good if not better.

    This is what I wrote in another forum at the time:

    Randy White - Oct 14, 2010 3:59 pm (#545 of 635)
    Thank you, Pat Tillman. "Every kid grows up wanting to play for the Dallas Cowboys."

    Mallett has Ryan Leafs body, Peyton Mannings mobility, and Byron Lefwich's release.. other than those factors, he's a " heck " of an overrated QB.

    Too early to tell who's going to go where. As a matter of fact, too early to tell who's going to be " who ". Having said that, keep an eye on Blaine Gabbert ( former Husker recruit )who has all the weapons that Josh Freeman ( another former Husker recruit ) has. Former Penn Stater Pat Deblin, and a more accurate ( although long delivery ), faster, better athlete version of Vince Young:

    Colin Kaepernick


    He's my dark horse to make scout drool at the combine because of his athleticism.
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    He is a freak of an athlete. But I don't think he has what it takes to make it as an NFL QB.

    Now, as a WR? I think he is way better suited for that.

    I just watched the dude throw way, way, too many horrible passes in college.
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    it would be a mistake if he's not given at least as fair shot at developing as a QB. He can make all the throws in the NFL. He's tall. He's fast. He's a freak of an athlete. All that needs tweaking is his wind up, as in shorten it up without affecting his release and accuracy. Receivers are a dime a dozen, QBs of his ( and Cam Newton ) size and athleticism don't exist yet. Vick is more athletic, but not quite as big.

    Right now, he's like a young Randall Cunningham clone. Potentially, he could be as freakish athletically speaking as Randall, but you want him to acquire the Warren Moon arm mechanics. You put both together and whomever has him, will be creating nightmares for defensive coordinators in years to come.

    Cam Newton is a more polished passer right now, but not quite as fast as Kaepernick.
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    Funny that you hear of Mallett's supposed slow delivery and yet Kaepernick
    has just as slow, if not slower, exagerated release.

    Stringbean QBs that run gimmicky offenses (Nevada's "pistol"), regardless of their athleticism don't overly excite me as pro prospects.
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    He would be a great project for any team.

    There is a mountain of upside with him.
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    I would love to have Kaepernick as a guy to groom. Despite running the pistol, he makes good reads and throws well from the pocket and out of it.

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