PFT: Cowboys QB coach thinks Romo tried to do too much last year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Are you sure? Which teams were they? Refresh my memory.
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    The Cowboys shutout Washington 17-0 and Philly 24-0 to finish up the 09 regular season.
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    Save these links it doesn't take any special skill to look things up. You'll find you'll get answers to questions a lot quicker by saving a few sites and using google.
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    Yep ... that about sums it up.
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    Thanks, dude!
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    no, but I think the point is Romo wouldn't feel so much pressure to force throws where a QB shouldn't have to because of the deficiencies in other areas of the team and the game plan.

    Romo obviously makes his share of mistakes just like all the QBs out there do. You do have to admit there are a lot of times when he looks like a "chicken with his head cut off" (so to speak) trying to win the game and make something happen midst oline difficulties etc....

    If we would finally build a team that doesn't lack in leadership and talent, Romo could very easily win it all. I would bet anything on that. It is just that this team for over 15 years has not had it all together in one way or another - no cohesiveness nor players (notice plural) who could pull this team together and work together to win games with conviction. I do not know how many games I have watched over the last 17 years where this team just looked like it just didn't care or they just felt they would win it without trying. Very Aggravating!

    Anyways, we need to fix team deficiencies, and contrary to popular belief there is many deficiencies. This team does not have only but a few stars, I usually challenge fellow Cowboy fans to name more than 5 stars. After that it is a bunch of potential players and mediocrity. Could a coach like Bill Belichek get these players to the big game, possibly yeah, but under the current coaching staff (and I do like the changes we made assuming we also free Garrett of his playcalling duties) I think we definitely upgrade quite a few player / positions.
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    ..why they were behind in the first place in most of those games. Until the other teams built up 14 pt leads, the other team didn't relax at all and we couldn't get out of our own way.

    Romo had so many 3 and outs in the first parts of most of our games that we handed the lead to the opposition.

    It was crazy.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
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    And yet we were 6th in the league in 3rd downs converted (5th in the league in conversion percentage). Over 70% of our first downs came from passes, which is the 4th highest in the league. We had the 5th most passing first downs in the entire league.

    We have a competitive offense for one reason and one reason alone -- Tony Romo.

    PS, don't open your mouth and you won't confirm people's suspicions about you.
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    Good question.
    The answer has to be that people like have already made up their mind.
    One bad game equals 8-10 of them in their eyes.
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    ^ This. Romo is the reason we are not a spitting image of the Campo teams going 5-11. Give Romo some help and we can play with any team in the league. Continue the path we are on and Romo will keep pressing which results in errors.
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    well said
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    What gave it away? Was it Romo having to tell EVERYBODY what they're supposed to do, where to line up and when to go on just about every play AFTER breaking the huddle?
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    Your calculation is short by 3-5 more picks caused by Wrs
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    Very well said.

    Wilson must know that the team INT % actually went down from the year before, when targets to the 3rd WR are filtered out. One would hope so, at least.
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    I'm wondering why Wilson's statement is such a revelation and why posters think it's a slight against Romo.

    We know who Tony Romo is. He's an exceptional quarterback who occasionally makes mistakes at critical times, similar to Brett Favre.

    That doesn't detract from his ability to carry the team. Neither does it suggest that he's not that good because he needs help.

    I don't think any quarterback should have to do it all by himself. It didn't work for Peyton, and it's really not working for Brady. You need players around you to win. Favre didn't win until he got Reggie White. Elway didn't win until he got Terrell Davis.

    It's just the way it is. Romo shouldn't be doing everything. He needs help, both for his longevity as a quarterback and his desire to finally hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

    Oh, and great post, KJJ.
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    No. They failed to get separation, establish a run game, properly pass protect, and not commit stupid penalties.

    Tony isn't perfect, but he HAS to do too much to win.
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    True. He choked. But we're not in that position without him either.
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    Still think these are scary thoughts:
    What if over the past 17 years -
    1. Switzer, Gailey, Campo was succeeded by more of the same instead of Parcells?
    2. What if Romo was never found by Dallas?

    Strongly suspect in this alternative history, the Cowboys would be well south of .500.
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    I think Romo tried to do way too much to, like constantly throwing it to the other team while Rome burned.

    And, as expected from an internet fanbase who can't possibly believe the Cowboys really have no franchise QB, (an undrafted franchise QB), because to do so means starting over, the excuses roll in such as: the OL is bad, he doesn't have receivers with mensa mentality, or, and this is my favorite, the coaches are so bad that Romo plays to the level of his coaches. Yeah, right, and my mother is not really my mother but my father. (I know interesting backstory there).

    I'm glad Wilson has come out and publicly slapped Romo. Put the blame where it belongs. Romo is a putrid QB when we need him the most, and a great QB when we need him the least. That adds up to a mediocre QB with inflated stats, and that's not going to cut in the NFC East this year.

    However, I do think that Romo is in the top 32 of all QB's in the NFL. And I further think that he can make the top ten if he would just throw the ball to the team he plays for.

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