News: PFT: Cowboys would prefer to say farewell to their bye

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Joe Realist, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Posted by Mike Florio on October 6, 2011, 8:40 PM EDT

    Rosenthal started writing team-by-team looks at the state of each franchise as it enters the bye week. He did it without telling me. But since he has a new baby, I can’t fire him. For now.

    While perusing the calendar to determine the socially acceptable point at which a pink slip can be issued to a man who pays Manhattan rent and who has a brand new baby and a lovely wife, I realized that I actually liked the idea. So I decided to horn in on it, cherry picking the team about which I wanted to pontificate.

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    Trust Tony Romo, but help him succeed.
    The Cowboys remain committed to Tony Romo, who is now 31 years old and demonstrating an awareness that, with so many inexperienced players, someone has to act like the adult.
    But the true adults are the coaches, and the coaches need to know when to unleash Romo — and when to rein him in. FOX’s Jimmy Johnson recently told Dan Patrick that Romo’s periodic recklessness potentially traces to his time as a scout team quarterback, given that scout team quarterbacks typically are told to throw the ball into coverage, so that the defense work on playing defense.
    Thus, it’s on coach Jason Garrett to harness Romo the same way Mike Holmgren put a leash on Brett Favre, getting the most out of his talents, while also minimizing his weaknesses.

    Hold Dez Bryant accountable.
    There’s no denying Dez Bryant’s talent. But there are plenty of signs that he does whatever he wants. Though most of the tangible stuff relates to off-field failures to do things like pay for stuff he has purchased, Dez seems to be unwilling or unable to get the absolute most out of his physical abilities.
    Apart from the fact that he’ll never last into his 30s if he relies solely on his God-given talents, he’ll continue to be dogged by injuries and late-game ineffectiveness if he doesn’t get himself into peak shape and keep himself there.
    Though the Cowboys have been careful to coddle him, Garrett seems to be commencing the process of sliding the gloves off, publicly complaining about Bryant’s conditioning. Hopefully, Garrett will have the full support of owner Jerry Jones if/when Garrett decides to manage Dez more aggressively. He could be truly great if someone gets through to him, and it’s time for someone to try.
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    Huh, that's an interesting Romo theory I had never thought of.
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    It's been like six or seven years since he was running scout team practices; I'm not buying it.
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    Or if it is true, that's not a very hopeful sign. If the guy hasn't figured out he's no longer running the scout team in practice in his 6th year as a starter then i doubt someone pointing that out now is going to change things.

    Seriously, as I was reading that I imagined Romo himself reading it and rolling his eyes.
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    I have no idea what's going on in the world of Dez Bryant but I do wish that we could put away the if, if, if's with him. Putting a ton of eggs in his basket scares me.

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