PFT: DeSean Jackson out for season with fractured ribs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. rocboy22

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    :bow: awesome post.
  2. Frozen700

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    I'm anti cowboys..... :rolleyes:

    Funny he says this, considering I'm maybe in the minority here who still supports Jerry Jones, and a big supporter of Romo.

    I'm more upset at garrett, and his play calling more than anything, hence why I give us little chance at anything. That and the O-line showing it's ready to kill off Romo at times.
  3. DenCWBY

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    This game would be more entertaining if they would have a 15 round boxing matching between both head coaches which would probably end in a draw with fatty walrus chasing skinny Redtop all over the ring. The winner gets a new coaching job with KC. Afterwards fill the ring with jello or mud and let the Dall and Phili Cheerleaders go at it until they are all topless.
    Now that is real bang for your buck entertainment than what we have been getting.
  4. Coy

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  5. 808CowboyFan

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  6. MartinRamone

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    If we dont beat them, i want people fired.
  7. tyke1doe

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    They'll probably assemble a better team faster than we will. :(
  8. tyke1doe

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    I think what fellow Cowboys fans fail to see in this position is that there are some Cowboys fans who don't just want to win. They want the team to be dominant.

    I want the Cowboys to win too. But if winning merely means we'll have a respectable record but not make the playoffs or not make the Super Bowl, then I'd rather lose, get a better draft position and increase our chances of getting players that will return us to our 90s-like dominance.

    As fans, we can stake out such a position. The players can't, however, and rightfully so.

    I don't think wanting the Cowboys to lose given the fact they're likely not going to make the playoffs means you're not a Cowboys fans. It may mean enduring losses now for a greater good later.

    That's what fandom is all about.

    I don't want the Cowboys to just win. I want them to be DOMINANT!

    Whatever they have to endure to get there, I'll stomach for the greater good.
  9. Frozen700

    Frozen700 Well-Known Member

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    Awesome post.

    I feel the same way. I'm all about whatever makes us better. Winning but not making the playoffs vs Losing and not making the playoffs....give me the losing.

    I'll take the higher draft pick.
  10. DBOY3141

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    Problem is you have to do something with those higher draft picks. History shows JJ fails at that also.
  11. Hook'em#11

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    awwww,, bummer....

    boo hooo hoo.
  12. DFWJC

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    I have him on one of my teams. It's a blessing really, as he wasn't producing but we were afriad to drop him. Now go get someone who will produce mroe than him--whcih should be very easy seeing that he gave us nothing.

    Guys like Blackmon, Shorts, and Alexander are still available in some leagues. Maybe even Broyles. Also, Greg Jenings is returning and may be out there too.
  13. Risen Star

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    Well you know real change is on their horizon. Hopefully they make the wrong decision.
  14. WoodysGirl

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    Knowing the odds of them coming out and dominating anyone are slim, I'll take the W anyway I can get it and you'll just have to excuse my happiness whenever they get one.

    Just me, tho. *shrug*
  15. Blackspider214

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    Pretty much. Because Carr and Mo have been a bunch of meh this season, especially Carr and his huge contract.
  16. tyke1doe

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    I don't have any problems with your position. I'm not saying you should feel the same as I do.
  17. CowboysFanSince88

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    I won't consider us in the hunt until we beat the eagles and bengals
  18. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    That's fair. is it okay with you if he considers us in the hunt as long as the percentages say we have a chance? Or must he change to think exactly like you?
  19. links18

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    Have the Eagles been mathematically eliminated yet?
  20. CowboyMcCoy

    CowboyMcCoy Business is a Boomin

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    We don't know really. No having Jackson helps us though. I really hope we win this game though and the Giants and Redskins lose.

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