PFT:Eagles try to throw water on reports of potential Vick release

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    Eagles try to throw water on reports of potential Vick release
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 3, 2010 1:39 PM ET
    The Associated Press reported earlier today that the Eagles are "strongly considering" the possibility of cutting quarterback Mike Vick.

    Now, two ESPN reporters (who curiously aren't contradicting each other) report that the Eagles deny that Vick is in jeopardy.

    Said Chris Mortensen, via Twitter: "A very high-ranking Eagles source says 'No' on report that Eagles are seriously thinking about releasing Michael Vick."

    Adam Schefter, also via Twitter, reports on "[a]nother strong denial from another member of Eagles organization."

    Here's our take.

    First, the Eagles (like many other NFL teams) have diminished credibility on matters of this nature. In January, coach Andy Reid declared that Donovan McNabb would be the starting quarterback in 2010. Since Reid didn't add "of the Redskins," the reality is that Reid told something other than the truth.

    Second, the Eagles -- who seem to continue to believe that the NFL eventually will hand out a lifetime Lombardi Trophy based on savvy business deals -- surely would prefer trading Vick to cutting him. So if they can get someone who had made an offer at which the Eagles turned up their beaks earlier this year to put the offer (or something close to it) back on the table, why not save a little face and get a little something of value?

    That strategy won't work if the Eagles fail to strongly deny a report that they're thinking about cutting him.

    Third, another tweet from Mort suggests that his source is trying to build a flimsy case to support the notion that the Eagles are keeping Vick based on circumstantial evidence relating to the $1.5 million roster bonus Vick earned in March. "By the way," Mort writes, "Eagles went ahead and paid $1.5 million bonus to Vick late this week; they could've tried to drag that out."

    They could've tried, but they would've failed -- miserably. As we all learned thanks to the Falcons attempt to get millions back from Vick several years ago, roster bonuses aren't subject to forfeiture. Vick was on the roster on the fifth day of the league year, and thus he earned the bonus. Failure to pay the money when due would have created a storm of something other than snow (but with the same number of letters), since the Eagles would have been in blatant violation of Vick's contract.

    And if the Eagles had failed to do that which they are clearly required to do under the terms of Vick's contract, the message would have been clear: they're seriously considering cutting him.

    So we think the Eagles are being coy, just like they were in January when Reid proclaimed that McNabb was going nowhere.

    Hell, at least someone from the team was willing to put a name and a face to the fib the last time around.
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    Report: Eagles "strongly consider" cutting Mike Vick : PFT
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 3, 2010 11:02 AM ET
    On Friday, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the Eagles are standing behind embattled quarterback Mike Vick.

    Here's the rest of the story, reportedly. Vick's toes rest on the very edge of a cliff, and the Eagles have a finger ready to push against his back.

    The Associated Press reports that the Eagles are "strongly considering" the possibility of cutting Vick in the wake of the Birthday Party at the O.K. Corral.

    Per the report, the move may happen even if Vick ultimately is cleared in the shooting of Vick's former partner in the Bad Newz Kennel dogfighting operation, Quanis Phillips.

    The separate problem for Vick arises from the question of whether he violated his probation by associating with Phillips or any other convicted felons. Earlier this week, Marcus Vick confirmed that Phillips gained admission to the birthday party that was open to the public.

    "I did see Phillips come through the door, but he didn't really catch my attention," Vick said. "I don't know where he went once he got into the club. So I don't really have any comments on that."

    Marcus potentially had already commented enough. If the feds conclude that Phillips' presence at Vick's birthday party -- along with any interactions captured by the 16 surveillance cameras at the club where the party was held -- constitute "associating" between the two men, both are in violation of the terms of their probation.

    From the Eagles' perspective, owner Jeffrey Lurie made clear last August that Vick has "no room for error." Obviously, Vick has erred.

    From the Eagles' perspective, the question is whether they're willing to keep him and look foolish for not enforcing Lurie's admonition, or whether they're willing to cut him and look foolish for signing him in the first place.

    From a business standpoint, cutting him would avoid $3.75 million in base salary -- but it would allow him to walk away with a $1.5 million roster bonus he earned in March. From a football standpoint, the Eagles need to have a plan for backing up new starter Kevin Kolb.

    Then again, Vick really isn't the best guy to back up Kolb, anyway. Especially since Vick surely thinks he should be at the top of the depth chart now that Donovan McNabb is in D.C.

    But, hey, if Vick stays maybe he can win the team's Ed Block Courage Award for a second straight year.

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