PFT: Holmgren would only coach Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 6, 2013.

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    you should have just put Garretts name there and watched everyone rip him for saying it
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    yet another "POST OF THE DAY"

    boy, this thread is littered with them

    just saying "process", or having a process or wanting to have a process are not enough

    you have to:

    have a process that works
    implement said process
    get others to follow the process
    show tangible results that the process is working with improved OBJECTIVE outcomes

    this is where Garrett's "process" breaks down

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    But he only produced 1 10 Game winning season in his last 9 seasons as HC in Seattle.
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    Would have been funny. The glad handing is already amusing enough though.
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    Pretty much it. The issue isn't about the process - an inherent fact with any coach - it's the amount of time it takes to take that process to fruition and produce results. Education is a process, but a useless one if it takes you a lifetime to reach the pinnacle of your goal. Not bashing the Garrett fans, but he's judged on the results within a time frame. That timeframe is decided by the guy signing the checks and influenced by a variety of factors. Not that he needs it, but sage advice would be to worry less about explaining what you are doing and produce. Good coaches find a way. If he (Garrett) really is what his following says he is, then he'll show real results next season or pack it in. Saying he has results because players follow his orders is complete BS - if they don't follow the coach in the first place, shine a light on them and cut em loose....real results = winning...either a winning season (certainly not a lofty goal I would hope) or some meaningful time in the playoffs. Time will tell. One side or the other will eat a little crow after next season, because I don't think Garrett's credit is gonna last any longer without some results.
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    They call it a process for a reason. It does not happen overnight, .. it does not always happen as quickly as everyone would like.

    When I say it is a process to get from point A to point B, .. you have to look at where point A was.

    Point A was a terrible place for a team to be. We had just gone 1-7, team had quit on old head coach. Roster was full of garbage people and lazy players.

    I now see a lot of young talent, I see a better type of people. I see a better attitude. We show up and compete in every game.

    I'm not saying I am happy at 8-8, or seeing mistakes and penalties, or bad decisions, because I'm not, .. but towards the end of the season when we won 5 of 6, I saw the beginning of something. I hope it is the result of Garrett's process.

    I would like to see something good happen for this team for them to get a big push to start the season. Success breeds success.

    I don't make predictions, but if we can have some success early next season, I would really be curious to see our momentum get rolling and see how we respond.

    I want to win NOW as much as anyone, but this is not the time to bring in another new head coach. I do hope they work out something to free Jason up from being HC and OC though.
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    I told you they wouldn't get it.
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    I get it. I really do. What I don't get is why we keep getting worse in penalties and this was our worst rushing year in Cowboy history. JG has set a new record every year since he's been coach (not the good kind). I also don't get in this process why he won't give up playcalling. If he does you and I know that is totally against what he really wants.
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    The best answer to this is someone else's post somewhere else. I'll ask him for permission to post it here.
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    I think the problem in this debate is that too many supporters of Garrett create a straw man whereby they assert that anyone who's annoyed by the Garrett "process" discussions must be some short-sighted idiot who doesn't realize that improving a football team takes time. That might be true in some cases, but in large part, I think most people realize that developing talent and an identity as a football team takes time.

    What I personally - and I think many other fans - take issue with is that we have a process without progress. We are told that we need to become more disciplined, and we descend even further into the depths of stupid penalties indicative of poor discipline. We are told that we will emphasize having the right kinds of men on the team and in the same year bury a man killed by a teammate in a felony.

    If you're making fun of the process because you don't believe that getting better can take time, then you ARE an idiot. But if you're criticizing the believability of a process that hasn't made enough progress, you're making a fair and legitimate point. There just isn't enough evidence to support the idea that Jason is doing what he said he will do.
  11. gimmesix

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    I appreciate that. I try to be fair and objective in my evaluation of what's right and wrong with the team.

    A lot of people around here like to cliff jump, but I've never found any value in that. That's the reason I can't say Garrett won't eventually become a successful coach in Dallas. I don't know that he will complete "the process," but I also can't say he won't. I won't dismiss Garrett outright because of that, but because I don't know where and how far he can take us, I'd give a proven winner like Holmgren a chance to run the team while the opportunity is there.

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