News: PFT: Jason Garrett: I trust in Tony Romo

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    Posted by Michael David Smith on October 20, 2011, 7:31 PM EDT

    When the Cowboys lost to the Jets and Lions this season, Tony Romo’s late turnovers were blamed as the single biggest reason. And then the Cowboys lost to the Patriots on Sunday, and Jason Garrett’s refusal to let Romo throw the ball was blamed as the single biggest reason.

    There is absolutely no issue in my trust level with Tony Romo,” Garrett said today. “I think anyone who has followed this football team understands the trust that I have in him and our football team has in him. Playing quarterback in the NFL, there’s a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with that. Tony knows that. He prepares for it and we know it as coaches. We give him a lot of responsibility on Sunday. He’s responded to that really well over the last four and a half years and there’s no reason for us to think otherwise.”

    For his part, Romo is trying to spin Garrett’s decision to go to the three-runs-and-punt offense as proof that Garrett trusted the Cowboys’ defense to stop Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense.

    Read Romo's spin:
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    Well...duh. Of all the stupid story lines that came out this week, 'Jason doesn't trust Tony' is probably the stupidest. For hard-core fans to believe that, knowing what they do about the coach and the player is beyond me.

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    It's actually annoying that they waste time verifying things like this when there's so much more they can talk about.

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