PFT Jerry Jones: Garrett Doesn't Have To Make Playoffs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by birdwells1, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. birdwells1

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  2. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    A lot of people who want Garrett gone ASAP are not going to like this. But fact of the matter is that he has invested a lot in Garrett, so he is going to see it through.

    I do not necessarily have a problem with that. I am glad though that it appears, at least on the surface, it is put up or shut up time.

    There are two-three losses a year that are a direct result of things that he ultimately controls. He cannot control the talent brought in exclusively. He can control how the games are managed. Sorry, I cannot stand Jones but I do not think he is dictating to throw the ball 50 times with a backup QB when your running game is functioning well, no throw to protect a 20 point lead and icing your own kicker.

    Garrett is hamstrung by a lunatic owner, but there are a lot of times I think he is a perfect fit.

    He thrives on the "ambiguity".
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  3. Dodger12

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    Spot on and it's my biggest beef with Garrett. We lose in the most improbable and historic fashion that we may never see again in our lifetime. I never thought I'd see a replay of the Detroit game from a couple of years back but here we are with the Packers last season and the same coaching blunder replayed itself. I can live with 8 and 8 when the talent isn't there but we give games away every season because of some boneheaded coaching decisions that a high school coach wouldn't make.

    I don't think Garrett wanted to fire Rob Ryan or switch tot he 4 - 3. I think Jones likes Garrett not because he thinks he's a young, bright offensive mind, but because he's inexperienced and lacks a level of credibility to challenge Jones or have a strong voice when it comes to dealing with Jerry. That's why the HC (or TC) gets over ruled on draft day by a D line coach who barely moved into his office at VR.

    Garrett's the ultimate figure head HC and Jones knows his shortcomings which is why you saw him keep Sporano, then lean on Callahan to call the plays and now Linehan. Wade saw the same thing which is why he made the push for Dan Reeves. Garrett is an extension of Jerry's ego that allows Jerry to be the defacto HC.
  4. EST_1986

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    We can't lose our .500 savior.
  5. thunderpimp91

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    Here is what drives me nuts. If Jerry wants to make this statement then fine, I have no issues with it what so ever. If your organization concludes that you team doesn't have the talent to get to the post season that's ok. What you can't do is in one breath say that this team is not rebuilding, because of all the weapons we have, then turn right around and say its ok to miss the playoffs. You don't have to come out and say your head coach is the fall guy for a bad season, but you also don't have to play both sides.
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  6. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    First he has to admit he had a bad season. 8-8 is never enough to convince Jones there was a failure. He is way too optimistic.

    More luck, gosh darn it, this was a playoff team. He honestly thinks that and it really is all he cares about anymore. Getting there and hoping some more.
  7. casmith07

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    I think he'll be coaching at least another 3 years to see the defensive transition through.
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  8. TheFinisher

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  9. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Then extend him now. Give him the mandate. Prove you really have faith.
  10. NJ22

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    I just want to see a good team that doesn't coach away win after win every year. As bad as our D was last year we win 2 more games with basic coaching 101. I have no problem letting Garrett feel the heat. Obviously after the last 3 flop seasons we know Jerry is going to give him every possible opportunity to remain here. So we have to hope the team can become good enough to win in spite of him. Like to think that at some point they will win because of him.
  11. cml750

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    I always thought Jerry liked to win. I guess I was wrong! Senility is a terrible thing.
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  12. Aven8

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    Good grief. I'm convinced now. The guy really is insane.
  13. alicetooljam

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    I seen this soon as Ware & Hatcher left. Others were contemplating what this meant for Garrett in a "do or die" season and I said he just got a built in excuse extra early this year. Jerry speaking out of both sides of his mouth is nothing new, but is REALLY breaking me down with these last few statements.
  14. links18

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    The excuses never stop coming for Garrett. Now, we are in rebuilding mode, or something, so need to make the playoffs or anything. Of course, not making the playoffs wasn't a problem the last three years ether when we were "loaded." Garrett is untouchable.
  15. dragon_mikal

    dragon_mikal Fire Garrett

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    The writing was on the wall here, guys. With the team letting cornerstone players walk and Jerry stating that he had put too much time into "training" Garrett and that they were focusing on bringing in younger players with the future being priority I had a feeling that Garrett's job would be safe. Jerry is 100% invested in this guy for some reason. He is going to make sure that when Garrett turns into the next Landry he's coaching the Cowboys and not another football team.
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  16. birdwells1

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    This is why some question the direction and lack of leadership.
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  17. birdwells1

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    Yeah I think that's only fair.:rolleyes:
  18. DBOY3141

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    If we finish 6-10 or worse, I think Garrett is guaranteed to be gone. Anything above that and it's 50/50 with JJ.
  19. visionary

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    that is what people said before last season
    i can guarantee you that short of 4-12, jason is here next year

    PAIN! that is what is in store for this fan base

    i would invest in some smelling salts and anti-emetics if i had a weak stomach
  20. Aurican

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    Jerry is trying to be clever and play all the angles. "We're not rebuilding" is thrown out to sell tickets and merchandise and get fans hopes up, also to get credit if things go well. "Garrett doesn't have to make playoffs" is his fall back to keep his figurehead in place and use continuity as an excuse. Unless the team completely quits on him I don't see Garrett going anywhere as his "training" is the perfect setup to keep Jerry comfortable.

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