PFT Jerry Jones: Garrett Doesn't Have To Make Playoffs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by birdwells1, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Chocolate Lab

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    Thanks. Scary stuff if that's the way Jerry hands out jobs.
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  2. CrownCowboy

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    Yep, Jerry can say whatever he wants. It's his team.

    Why would Jason Garrett have to get this team to the playoffs? Jerry has already made it abundantly clear in many ways that his number one goal is for this team to bring him in a profit, to make money. It's also clear that as an aside from the number one priority of money, Jones is able to call the shots uninhibited and Garrett is the perfect fit.

    Jerry Jones has the perfect Head Coach in place that facilitates all of this. Everything that comes out of his mouth is just spin. Anything that can keep the fans interested and wanting more. Making the playoffs is secondary to all of this. As long as Jones can keep the spin going for the Dallas Cowboys to keep raking in the money and his ego is abundantly passified, making the playoffs won't matter and nothing will ever change. Well, I guess if things do change Jerry will just bring in a new puppet.
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  3. BoysFan4ever

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    Well nepotism works for him so might as well have some on the payroll who have some dirt on him
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  4. birdwells1

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    Jason Garrett strongly approves this plan.
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    No doubt.

    LOL that anyone could think that in 2010, coming off two East titles in three years and an 11-5 season with the first playoff win in over a decade, Jerry's master plan was a six or seven year rebuild process.

    Some people truly live in fantasyland.
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  6. BigStar

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    Just deserved to be seen in a reply...too good :DSteve looks like he's lost all faith in humanity.
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  7. Apollo Creed

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    K let me get this straight.

    Coach A goes 34-22, wins 2 division titles and our first playoff game in 15 years, gets fired after half a season.

    Coach B goes 29-27, wins no division titles, 0 playoff appearances, and wastes 3 years of our franchise QBs prime - continues to get the vote of confidence.

    I give up.
  8. Apollo Creed

    Apollo Creed Stackin and Processin, Well

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  9. visionary

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    ambiguity 101, jerry style

    Jerry: jason, I might fire you at the end of the season, or i might not

    Jason: OK, jerry, are we talking about this season?

    Jerry: well, we might be, then again, we might not be

    Jason: fair enough, do i have to make the playoffs in one of these seasons to keep my job?

    Jerry: well, i think you will need to but then again, you may not have to

    Jason: so, let me see if i have htis right, you may or may not fire me after one or the other season based on absolutely nothing?

    Jerry: yes, that sounds about right

    Jason: well, that is clear enough then

    Jerry: Jason, you may not know how to coach football but i love your high tolerance for ambiguity
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  10. Gaede

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    Every year there is a different master plan in place that, of course, assumes that Garrett is the next Tom Landry who will bring us back to the glory land forever and ever and ever
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  11. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

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  12. OhSnap

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    It's probably a good thing for an owner to show faith in the coach even if he doesn't earn it.
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  13. Doomsday101

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    Garrett safety will not be determined in March but likely in Feb. What Jerry says today and does after next season is done may not be the same. I really do not know many owners to come out and say "Coach has to do this or that or he is fired" Media will but owners and GM don't.
  14. Rockytop6

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    Remember, Jerry said it isn't about the game but about the show? That statement is the most difficult for me to accept. It is about the game but it does explain the last few years. For some unknown reason, I am more optimistic than I have been in a while. Am I becoming senile also?
  15. Section444

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    If that's the case, why hasn't he extended him yet?
  16. Hostile

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    "Patience grasshopper."

    10 points to anyone who gets the reference.
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  17. Avery

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  18. casmith07

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    How do we know that his contract even expires after this year?
  19. TheCount

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    It's a smart answer on his part, because if he says "Yes." then the story all season is whether or not Garrett can save his job. Maybe Garrett sticks around as long as Romo does.
  20. khiladi

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    The great Tony Romo bails out his arch nemesis yet again. How many fourth quarter comebacks against crappy teams has our QB had that blur Garrett's suckiness to a large degree?

    Actually, I bet the Garrett family has pictures of Jerry from the White House days...
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