PFT: Jerry trying to get Jason to give up play calling

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Joe Realist, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I think the main reason that happens is because the team is so close to the playoffs each year, the team does not get a chance to start looking beyond the present during the season. Instead, when the season ends, the coach firing and hiring frenzy starts and everything starts happening quickly out of fear of losing out on certain potential hires. If the Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs back in week 12 or 13, then it would have given them time to formulate a well thought out plan of some kind.

    Even with that advance awareness, teams are still limited by the "what if" scenario of other teams. For example, there was speculation that Lovie Smith was going to be fired if the Bears didn't make the playoffs, however, the Bears were in the playoff hunt right up until the last moment. Teams want other team's fired coaches for their head coach position, but they usually want the coaches who just missed or failed early in the playoffs rather than the guy you knew would be available because his team was eliminated earlier in the season. In other cases, some teams will only fire their coach if one of their preferred candidates becomes available.

    What I really wish they would do is to put a requirement that teams must wait until after the Super Bowl to hire any new coaches and they must wait at least one week after firing a coach before he can be replaced. Meaning, as long as they fire their coach(es) at least one week before the Super Bowl, they can hire new coaches immediately the day after the Super Bowl. My reasoning for this is so it would make the full pool of head coaching candidates available and give teams time to plan accordingly.

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    OK -- give us the "weasel" argument.
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    If Jerry really wants Jason gone as the head coach he should try to offer him a job in the scouting department. I think this is his calling anyways.

    That way he wouldn't have to give Jason 3 mill for nothing and he would actually be used to his strength.
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    I should never be surprised by Jerry but this is interesting. He fires the DC and then hires a new one, yet hasn't workout out the play-calling and the firing of the HC's brother prior to the hiring of the DC ? Thus, if by some chance Garrett walks or gets canned and Jerry wasn't planning this he is stuck with a DC who the new HC may or may not want ?

    I'm no Garrett fan, but if Garrett leaves/fired this could be an epic cluster !!!
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    I think Jerry is treading a fine line. I don't think the HC should be play-calling, but rather overseeing the whole operation. On the other hand, if Jerry isn't careful it could make Garrett look like a lame-duck coach - especially if he's handing over the play-calling duties begrudingly.
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    Somehow Jerry thinks this is gonna work? :banghead:

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