News: PFT: Judge dismisses lawsuit against Cowboys over Super Bowl seats

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CowboyMike, Jul 19, 2012.

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    I always thought this was ridiculous in the first place. The Cowboys should have never been part of the suit to begin with.

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    From the linked story:
    U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn removed the Cowboys as defendants, saying that Super Bowl tickets are a contract between the buyers and the NFL, and that just because the game was played at Cowboys Stadium, that doesn’t make the Cowboys responsible for the fact that many temporary seats weren’t completed in time.

    Jerry Jones and the Cowboys organization taken off the hook. NFL... we'll see. And yet I thought the NFL's last known offer to appease those affected was more than fair. "I was inconvenienced" litigants and their lawyers, though. Meh.
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    Geez, you mean when I said this was on the NFL and not the Cowboys I wasn't just being a homer?

    Go figure.
  4. CowboyMike

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    Those that called us homers will ignore this and be silent now. Don't expect them to eat crow.
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    I don't give them a go, repent, and don't sin again...they'd be stone for looking back.

    I'm tired of the lame excuses that begin and end with Jerry.

    I can forgive a supposed fan for just losing it and giving up...and the team having to in their eyes, prove it again. But the blame game is burn barrel bunch to the hilt...
  6. Hostile

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    High five.

  7. wittenacious

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    Read this on PFT. It's a comment on the story from someone who worked at Cowboys Stadium during Super Bowl XLV — provides an insider's point of view about what happened. I found it interesting...
    saints4evah says: Jul 19, 2012 9:49 PM

    I worked at that Super Bowl that year, and I can tell you, 1st person, that the whole event was one huge cluster fudge that the workers did their very best to attend to against impossible odds.. Jerry tried to set a record for attendance, and the seats in question were literally being put into place over the end zone (the one that opened up big enough to let a DC10 airplane roll through) until the very last minute.

    It happened because there was a huge ice storm, and the roof had been covered with a six inch thick blanket of sleet, snow, and hail, and game day this solid sheet of ice suddenly let go and came in a huge avalanche down the sides of the stadium, crushing our merch tents, their work vehicles and scaffolding and many of those removable bleachers and chairs, which were stacked up in storage buildings that line the sides beside the concourse.

    There was nothing that [could] have been done to plan for, or prevent, or change the events and the fans who are still crying about it just did not care to see how hard the Cowboys’ crew worked to accommodate them against impossible odds.

    The debacle that followed the massive cleanup that started on Super Bowl morning left the crew with very little time to get seats into place, and they had been forced to use replacement seats that, in OSHA’s view, were not stable enough to hold the load, even though i can tell you with all certainty that they would have. But safety regulators are not known for their flexibility and understanding when extenuating circumstances occur and they shut down the entire end of the stadium seating that goes into place when they close the gap, leaving 1000 people without seats.

    Jerry put these folks in luxury boxes, and still some refused, choosing to use the standing areas and the subsequent crowds [chose] to [stay] to watch the game live, rather than on the screens or in boxes.

    They are just crying foul, hoping to get some huge payday that isn’t going to happen, and all in all, they got free merch, food and drink, and watched the game with minimal inconvenience, and I do not feel sorry for them at all, nor should anybody else.

    An act of God was at fault, and supreme efforts were put forth to set it right, and that is all I have to say about that.

    Source: Comments section of this blog:
  8. Dave_in-NC

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    Why? Why not just put on the best show possible with what was in place?
    Always trying to put on the bigger circus.
  9. wittenacious

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    One way to look at it, I suppose. I got a lot more positive out of the comments than that, myself.

    In my mind, it's not condemnable for ANY event host or promoter to want to have up to the maximum allowable seating at a venue, even when and if temporary seating is used to expand beyond the fixed seating capacity, so long as the temp seating is erected in accordance with all governing safety guidelines at the time.

    Moreover, especially when such added seating potential is planned and allowed for during venue construction — as in the case of Cowboys Stadium — and which was then given specific approval to be allowed for the Super Bowl.

    Stating the obvious here, but Jerry Jones and the NFL aren't the only one's who've ever wanted to put on a "Bigger & Better" show than had come before... in the field of Sports Entertainment, or otherwise. Striving for new records is what drives so much of capitalistic society, in general. Yes?

    Happens all the time, at venues all over the world.

    So the problem, as I see it, wasn't Jerry's desire to set a Super Bowl attendance record — again, he built Cowboys Stadium with that expanded seating capability in mind — the real problem was the confluence of negative weather-related events that made the setting up of the planned temp seating a nightmare scenario; an ultimately failed effort due to OSHA's final disapproval of what they felt was an unsafe seating situation.

    I can appreciate that there are natural events — Acts of God — that can and do adversely affect man's best laid plans. And I allow that when things go wrong in such cases, there most often was nothing inherently sinister about the event organizer's original desires and plans to capitalize on selling tickets to as many as could have been legally accommodated, had everything gone according to plan... under reasonably normal circumstances. S*** happens.

    Just don't see Jerry as the unscrupulous villain here that some would paint him out to be. Not saying you phrased it that way, Dave; not trying to put my words in your mouth. I just don't make him out to be the bad guy for having wanted to achieve a Super Bowl attendance record, is all.

    Sorry for the inconvenience suffered — it happens.
  10. M'Kevon

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    This just can't be. It's all Jerrah's fault. Always has been, always will be.
  11. cowboy_ron

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    Yea, I don't think some realize that the SB is an NFL function not a home team function regardless of where it's held.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    So now Jerry Jones isn't the debil?
  13. ShiningStar

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    homer!!!! there now either right or wrong someone can toss it at u. Once again very appreciative of all ur insight and rational thinking. Kudos.

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