News: PFT: Report: No communication between Cowboys, Ware on contract

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Feb 27, 2014.

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    Among the many things that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said recently is that defensive end DeMarcus Ware could wind up as a cap casualty as the offseason unfolds. Jones has also said that he can’t fathom a Cowboys defense in 2014 without Ware on it, which suggests that the team would like to find…

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  2. erod

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    Jerry should just offer Ware what his cap hit is and hope he can regain some form.

    I'll bet someone like San Francisco will money whip him and turn him into a 3rd down pass rush specialist. He'll get 10+ sacks, and Cowboy fans will riot.

    But you've got to release him or renogiate his deal. He's simply killing Dallas cap for a guy who is not an every-down player.

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    Yep. That is the scenario I see.

    Love Ware but he is a piece we can do without. Not a game changer by any means. Looks completely ineffective quite often.
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    Agree. It isn't like the Ware from the last two seasons is the piece that will push this team into the Superbowl. The constant beating being a full time DE where you engage a lineman almost every single down compared to a 3-4 LB seems to be more than he can do at this point in his career.
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    Meh, you guys are spot on. He'll go to SF or N.England or so some other contender and do quite well. I hold no animosity toward the man. I've been disappointed in his decline but not due to lack of effort or heart...just what father time does unfortunately. I wish him luck, and if he stays healthy with those limited snaps: look out.
  6. MonsterD

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    Ok another rumor from Rapoport-meh.
  7. CyberB0b

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    At this point in his career, he is a pass rushing specialist and I expect he will get 10+ sacks in that role. He probably has 3-5 years left at that level. They left him out there too long the last couple of years due to having no depth on the dline.
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  8. Don Corleone

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    Hasn't he been a 3rd down pass rush specialist for much of the last 2 years? His resume is there, but no one will bite at that price.
  9. CowboysLegend365

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    I agree with the 3rd down specialist idea, think he could go elsewhere and get back to double digits playing just passing situations, especially a team ala San Francisco where it'll be hard to double him.

    The thing is he won't get half of what he is due here from them, and we won't pay him 16 million just to be a rush specialist. Not to mention our DL depth is a joke lol

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    No. When he has played, he has been a 3 down DE. This team has not tried to save him at all.
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    He's 31. You should be able to depend on 29 and 30 year olds to play lots of snaps. You shouldn't have to worry about preserving guys who are supposed to be the face of your defense. He might need a breather any now and then, but its not like you should have to build organizational depth so the guy can get more rest on the bench.

    Besides, there have been plenty of third downs and series in the 4th quarter where he's been on the bench anyways.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    A very overlooked fact. Scanning the field and not seeing 94 out there was frustrating.

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