News: PFT: RG3 tries to bait defensive players into personal fouls

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 17, 2013.

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    When Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III steps out of bounds at the end of a run, he tries to time it so that he’ll get hit a split second too late, incurring a 15-yard penalty on the defense.

    That’s the word from John Keim of, who quotes Griffin as saying there are times he tries to draw a penalty on players as he runs to the sideline.

    So far, the tactic apparently hasn’t worked. The Cowboys got two personal fouls for hits on Griffin on Sunday, but Griffin said that wasn’t his intention on either of those two plays.

    “There will be situations, and that’s why guys don’t want to pull up,” Griffin said. “It’s happened in the past with Michael Vick or someone like that who has run to the sidelines, stopped and then gotten 20 more yards because the guy runs out of bounds trying not to hit the quarterback.”

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  2. khiladi

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    If you can't hit a wide open WR for 15 yards, you might as well try somthing else
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    Those penalties on Church were unwarranted IMO. How many times have you seen a player skirt the sidelines, not step out, and add extra yards to a run. A defender should be able to make sure that a player is out.
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    RGIII hope you get what you got last year. How did all that smack talk work out last year? Not too good. Guess RGIII needs another dose. Stupid gimp.
  5. Jenky

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    Ouch :D
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  6. ykc

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    Teams or players will figure out this and hit him harder next time and accept the 15 yard penalties.
    It oould be 1 player per team getting the penalty or fine, but RG3 would be getting all those hits and would stop this nonsense very soon
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    Yet, Harris got drilled into the cheerleaders when he was out of bounds, and no call. Same for Beasley.
  8. jobberone

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    They aren't supposed to treat a running QB any different than a RB or running receiver. I think they do favor them some. In the refs defense, they are fairly consistent about calling unnecessary roughness when anyone gets hit late. I do think the league needs to look at that particular play and try to be more consistent and try to give the defensive player a little more leeway but not too much. That's an instant judgment call that's hard to call at times so there's always going to be some calls go one way and some the other.
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    Church could fix this the next game by hitting him real hard to get him out of bounds. If he's a little late the penalty is the same - although he could get fined. If RGIII thinks he's going to get pancaked, he won't be so cavalier in the future. I used to run what we called an "18 rollout" and got launched out of bounds several times, when I couldn't get around the end and and make my way up-field. I never felt picked on, it was just football.
  10. Bwareinrings94

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    He will get what he has coming sooner rather than later. If you look at the entire interview transcript, he talked about this twice and really exhibits a cockiness around baiting players and Church in particular that I think the league and refs will pay attention to. He is going to lose that free pass he has been getting along the sidelines from the refs. I suggest the Cowboys advance Church and/or Wilcox some cash and when we play them again, lets fill the NFL's coffers with more fine money. I don't like endorsing injuring other players but when I do, it's exclusively for RG3. Stay thirsty my friends.
  11. rocyaice

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    And guys like Vick have to pay for it because that guy gets TORE UP because of what he's doing. I mean I could careless. You should try to get as much of a advantage against your opponent as possible. Refs should adapt to it but who knows.
  12. CowboyStar88

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    Can't stand this little punk. He talks a big game and people worship this dude. Like I said before his Diva personality is coming out. He's a big whiner and I've never heard someone complain and brag as much as this tool.
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    You are basically talking about a bounty system...not a good idea my friend.
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    Not out of bounds.

    Punch to the face.

    Harris out of bounds. Guy on left hit him and carried him out of bounds, guy on right hit him out of bounds.
  15. Questfor6

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    Hate to see him get hurt, that means Washington would have a good QB playing then in Cousins.
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  16. jrumann59

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    This kid is plain dumb. If he does it fine, keep your mouth shut. Do not announce it for all of the NFL, NFL front office and Refs to here. RG3 if you get pancaked in the future and the refs call the foul or not but you end up hurt or concussed its on you.
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  17. BraveHeartFan

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    Good for him. At some point he'll wind up getting himself pretty hurt trying to be cute.
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  18. hornitosmonster

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    His days are numbered. One trick pony
  19. Cowboys22

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    Now that he has announced it, it will probably not work with any frequency. In fact, it would not surprise me if the league has a response to it. I would like to see officials giving the benefit to the defender if the QB makes any type of move near the sideline. If he slows up in the field of play or makes some type of juke move, then the defender should get a few feet of leeway because as Griffin notes, one day he plans to just cut up field. The defender should have the right to guard against that. The first call against Church is a perfect example. Griffin had not yet stepped out of bounds when he was hit. He was still in the air and there is no way for Church to know if he can or will come down in bounds and cut it up field. I think the QB should only be off limits once he actually steps out of bounds and the play is obviously over with no chance of him continuing up field.
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    The rule is to protect those running out of bounds. Why would he resort to that? I guess when your offense struggles to move the ball you have to make up for it some how.
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