PFT: Salary cap could top $132mil

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Good for Dallas, true. But teams like the Raiders will have upwards of $80 million in cap space while the Cowboys are still making moves to get under.

    That is to say, I don't think it translates to signing better free agents than before. Other teams can always offer more.
  3. Picksix

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    Might mean less restructuring, though, as well as making it easier to give extensions to guys like Dez and Tyron.
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    Works out for the Tyron/Dez extensions. I hope this doesn't make JJ and fam feel they should try to retain veterans or not make the right "difficult" decisions regarding the future cap (releasing Ware). EDIT: Oops, sorry to piggy pack Pick 6.
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    The Daily Turd. Would be nice if true but doubtful.
  6. erod

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    That's the key. They can sign Dez and Tyron to long-term deals at a slight discount, and perhaps get a cheap extension on Demarco Murray.
  7. WoodysGirl

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    You might be onto something with the restructuring..

  8. Section444

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    Great timing, just hope they don't do anything stupid.
  9. WoodysGirl

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  10. ninja

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    That would be awesome if it does go to around $135M. We need all the help we can get there. As others have said, less restructuring for us. I still don't think it affects our decision with Ware and Austin, both of whom I think will be June 1st cuts.

    I too would be against restructuring Carr if I didn't need to. His play was horrible last year. Eat what you can on that contract now and prepare to make him a 2015 June 1st cut if he plays bad again this year.

    The cap going up so much is probably good news for Hatcher because some team tens of millions under the cap will probably give him a somewhat decent contract, much more than the Cowboys can.
  11. MichaelWinicki

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    That would be great if true.

    Yes, all the teams can benefit from this, but many of them will not take advantage for one reason or another.

    Sorta like a coupons in the newspaper. Everyone gets'em... but only some will cut'em out and use'em.

    Dallas will greatly benefit from this (if true).
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    If a player is going to play for you that year, restructuring does no harm. It is actually beneficial, especially when the cap keeps going up. By pushing it forward, you get a 0% interest loan and the impact is less percentage wise in the future. Plus you can roll over any unused cap space. There is no downside to restructuring, it doesn't make it harder to cut anyone.
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  13. casmith07

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    The key for this is not necessarily this year, but next year and beyond. Hopefully it continues to climb in years where we will really want to have the cap relief to make big moves if we need to.
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  14. unionjack8

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    I just pray we STILL cut the aging vets that are costing too much. This is NOT a sign from above for jerry to think this current squad is just one or two pieces short. Start building for the future, NOW.
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  15. Bluefin

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    There's no reason to expect the cap to do anything but increase as we go forward.

    The 2015 unadjusted cap will reportedly increase by an additional $4M on top of whatever the regular increase is next year because of the new CBS Thursday football package this season.

    Stephen Jones told Mickey Spagnola a while ago that he wasn't expecting a big increase until 2016, yet it seems to have arrived two years early.

    The 2015 unadjusted cap should exceed $140M before we get to add on any room carried over from this year.

    2016 could approach $150M.

    And it doesn't mean Dallas won't spend big $$$ if the right player and situation presents itself.

    Stephen Jones made no bones about it, the Cowboys are going to sign a DL in free agency, be it one of their own or someone from another team.


    The team isn't planning on entering the draft with the DL cupboard bare.
  16. Questfor6

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    They will make enough room to go get whoever they want, I don't buy the BS that they won't be players in free agency. They may not go get the Jarius Byrd's of the market but guys like Henry Melton & Michael Johnson might very well be options.
  17. theSHOW

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    valid point. Keep in mind that you are hoping for things that we can not control to help the team but in fact cap increase league wide helps ALL the teams. What we can control, we being the Dallas Cowboys front office, is how we situate ourselves for future spending by what we do this offseason. It starts now. It always starts now.
  18. casmith07

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    Sure it helps all teams, but some of those teams with all the cap space in the world (Jacksonville) still won't be able to add a quarterback that will be good for any more than 5 wins a year.

    It's important not to look at these things in a vacuum.
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    I know this is a long read, but one that really explains the cap and how it all works. I for one am very happy about the increase that will occur this year - it helps the players and teams struggling with cap issues - some by bad choices, others by having a number of top notch players - which makes it difficult to resign them all. It really is not a huge increase but sure indicates that there is tons of money in the game of football.

    In simple terms, if you do not want to spend the time to read this long article, the CAP is determined by an average revenue by all teams, and the players share in that revenue. But the article sure explains how this all works. The goal of course is to maintain competitiveness in the NFL so we don't wind up like baseball. And the cap also keeps football as a non-profit business (that is kind of a joke) They do not pay federal taxes in simple terms. I like the idea of trying to keep all teams competitive, but some teams still seem to blow it in how they handle the process. Jacksonville comes to mind. Guess it is tough to be a fan of that team where they are never competitive.

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