PFT:Seven-year opt out isn’t necessary, or helpful

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Seven-year opt out isn’t necessary, or helpful
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 23, 2011, 11:39 AM EDT

    As best we can tell, there are two primary issues that need to be resolved before the labor deal can be worked out. First, the league and the players need to figure out how best to reconstitute the union. Second, the league and the players need to agree on the length of the deal.

    On the latter point, the league has approved a deal that covers a firm 10 years. The players want the ability to cancel the contract after seven years.

    Moments ago, a league source who best can be described as the closest thing to neutral in this process (if anything, the source is positioned to be more aligned with the players’ interests) explained why the deal should cover a full and firm 10 years, with no opt out for either side.
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    I do wonder what the point is about 7 years; why that number?

    Why is it that the players are claiming all sorts of thing in the agreement they did not agree to but are ready to vote on it?
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    Neither was the last opt out.
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    this is a dumb argument, period.

    why not make the deal for 100 years minus any opt outs?

    it is all about having those options, such as the nfl used this time around.

    i'd prefer 10 years of labor peace to be sure but i also saw the benefit of both sides opting out early so we were at least minimally negotiating early. at the end of 10 years when no deal is covering anyone at all it could get even nastier minus a year or two to prepare for the eventual negotiation.

    like all other open items this one can be settled as part of compromise either directly to based upon other open items. opting out after 8 years making the deal cover 9 years is hardly a big leap from 10 years.

    or the nfl decides that one year is a big deal and gives on another issue.

    whatever the case, make the friggin concessions and get this deal done. it is a tremendous step forward for nfl owners with a lower player salary base and much lower rookie cap. those are the two items that really matter. the rest is basically fluff.

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