News: PFT: Stafford decided on QB sneak when he saw Cowboys’ D standing up

Discussion in 'Newsfeed Zone' started by NewsBot, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford scored the game-winning touchdown against the Cowboys on Sunday on a play the Lions hadn’t practiced and that none of his teammates or coaches knew he was going to run. Stafford told Peter King of that he planned to get the offense set and spike the ball after Calvin Johnson…[​IMG]

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    The defense was in total disarray at the end.

    But they give the team a chance to have a way better start early on.
    Those totally predictable 2nd down run plays that every one in the bulding knew would happen stopped three potentially promising drives in the 1st half.
    Then Romo got pounded several tiomes and seemed off his game after that for what seemd like 2 full quarters.

    When the offesne finally did come around with 17 4th quart points and 10 point lead, the defense totally folded.
    30 points should be enough, regardless of when it was scored.
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    I thought Garrett would have used one of the 2 TO at that point to get his goal line defense in there and at least gather their senses. Instead we saw him hoodwinked again probably thinking like the DL thought------Stafford was going to spike the ball.
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    Let's not kid ourselves. They were going to score whether Stafford snuck it there or not. They just gained 80 yards in less than 40 seconds. All they needed was 1/2 yard and probably had enough time for 2 running plays sandwiched around a spike if needed.
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    Garrett should have called TO as soon as Megatron took that pass to the 1.

    We had two TOs in our pocket and you have to assume a score there. The thought there is how much time can we get the ball back with? We would have had about 25 seconds and a TO left to get in FG range.

    Plus it sets the defense to try the goal line stand.

    Garrett again was MIA at the end of the game. So was the defense who stood and watch Stafford waltz into the end zone
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    Everybody watching that game knew Stafford was gonna wedge it in, but Red. Unbelievable
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    oh look...the team who took the risks won. who would have thought. no risk, no reward.
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    Incorrect, it was 4 down territory, if he had taken a time out , it will give more time to finish the TD , unless we let it happen fast, by uncontested. They can try some passing plays and one final running play.
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    There was no question in my mind the QB sneak was coming. None whatsoever.

    How you let a team march the length of the field with no timeouts is where I have more of a problem. Pathetic.
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    I agree with you, I have been thinking that I couldnt be the only person thinking he was doing all that to sneak it in and that our team would be caught off guard (as usual). you can ask my wife if I was yelling at my tv for our defense to watch for a fake spike.

    Whether that was planned by Stafford or not, it was an excellent play by him and kudos to him. as for our coaching staff for finding a way to be on the losing side everytime, well I cant say it !!
  11. FiveRings

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    I know what you mean, the entire living room exploded when they were rushing up to the line. It didn't catch me off guard at all. What would've caught me off guard was if Carter met him at the goalline and stopped him.

    Also, a few weeks ago somebody posted a thread about rules you'd change in the NFL, and I posted about how it's bogus that all a player needs to score is the tip of the ball crossing the edge of the plane. This Sunday should only reinforce that argument. I can't be the only one that felt cheated that the game ended like that. Punch it through with your back, that's one thing, but a score like that? Ticks me off.

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