PFT: The importance of considering Ezekiel Elliott’s side of the story

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Aug 12, 2017 at 11:13 AM.

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    I should make sure that when Goodell comes to Orlando for the owners meetings, that I should give myself a black eye and bruises and photograph them. Then I should file a police report claiming that Goodell punched me and beat me up.

    I can then use metadata to prove my point and I would be my own eyewitness to my own accusation. Obviously those bruises didn't just magically appear on my body and I can prove that they were taken on a date and location that Goodell was in.

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    For all my anti-NFL and anti Goodell rants over the past 24 hours, let me add this in closing. If Zeke did do it, then I would have no problem with a six game ban. DV is an awful and inexcusable crime; especially when professional athletes (who in general can do more damage with their fists than someone like myself could with a sledgehammer) are involved.

    In this case, Elliott, in his appeal, should simply ask for the suspension to be reduced to no more than four games. He should also make a video statement speaking out against DV and urging those that have committed it or been a victim of it to seek help. Then air it during games this season.

    Sure, it sounds corny and cheesy, but it would help his image in the public eye immensely.
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  3. Fritsch_the_cat

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    I don't know whether Zeke actually did this or not and that is the problem here, everyone is saying the same thing, "if". If he did it, show us the proof, but you can't rake a guy over the coals this long then suspend him 6 games just because he might have done something, or because you think he did something.
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    ***? At worst he is a kid learning. At worst he is a woman beater. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I said I hope he didn't commit this crime. Yes CRIME. The testimony the accuser gave was said to be inconsistent. I said if he did this, I want him off the team.
  7. Yakuza Rich

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    I don't have a problem with it if that was the case.

    To me, all that matters is if EE assaulted Tiffany Thompson or if Tiffany Thompson lied about being assaulted by EE.

    I don't care about contradictory punishments, inconsistent rulings, changes in the rules etc. And I don't care about the league's belief of how a woman should be 'respected' or if they are making an example out of EE, the St. Paddy's day incident, etc.

    If he did it, he should be punished severely. If he didn't, he should be protected by the league and Thompson should be arrested for making a false statement to police and witness tampering (she should be arrested anyway).

    It's really that simple. But the logic by the league, the lack of evidence and the fact they are willing to believe Thompson after she was caught red handed in a lie and they claim she was the eyewitness to her own accusation...I won't reconcile.

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    If that makes you feel good......go with it.
    and if it didnt happen............what should happen to her.
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    Lenoir aptly named cuz that dude runs to darkness!?! :facepalm:
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    No Moore. Please! No Moore!!!
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    It simply doesn't make any sense for the NFL to say she lied about the bar fight and the car thing, but she was truthful about the other incidents.

    Any halfway sane person would have a lot of trepidation about filing a false statement of that magnitude with the police. So, if she had documented evidence from legitimate cases where Zeke beat her, why would she fabricate a story in the first place and risk prison time? Why ask a friend to lie? That makes no sense.
  12. Canada180

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    If it makes me feel good to see a woman beater off the team? Yes it certainly does. How about you. You are an idiot if you don't want him off the team if hes guilty. Let me be clear, if he;s innocent , the yes, I want him. If he is guilty , then no. Get a grip man.
  13. ActualCowboysFan

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    Junior Gallette: Case dropped. Two games served while out for the season.

    Bruce Miller: No contest. No suspension.

    Quincy Enunwa: Case dropped. Four games

    Ray McDonald: No suspension

    Josh Brown: Charge dropped. 1 game

    Zeke Elliott: Charges dropped. 6 games

    One of these is not like the other
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    It's mob rule these days and open season on NFL players,,,
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    Well there was the pulling down of womens shirt thats so disgusting it ought to get him 6 games and thats from a die hard Cowboys fan,
    he needs to serve his time here he did some of the crime.
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    "I'm gonna ruin your career" obviously doesn't mean anything. Roger...."Jerry's gonna ruin your career."
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    You're a die hard troll. That incident isn't worth six games. Your just mad you've never been allowed to do such
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    Careful, you don't want to run afoul of all these armchair lawyers.

    CZ has such a wealth of knowledge on employment law, contract law, libel law, and criminal law..
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    No, in the eyes of the law he is innocent of that crime. If they determined he is not a woman beater then that should be the end of it. However I'm not that familiar with law does new evidence allow the case to be brought about again?
  20. Canada180

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    Yes the law says hes innocent. I meant that if he wasn't, then I want him nowhere near my Cowboys. That's all.

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