PFT:Unruly fans must pass code-of-conduct exam to return to games

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Posted by Mike Florio on April 15, 2012, 11:43 AM EDT
    Getty ImagesThe NFL hatched during the 2011 playoffs the brilliant (and that’s not sarcastic . . . for a change) idea of putting undercover cops in the visiting team’s gear in order to catch those who would subject fans of the visiting team to mistreatment. The NFL has a somewhat less brilliant idea for allowing unruly fans back into games.

    According to Gary Buiso of the New York Post, the NFL will require ejected fans to pass an online code of conduct exam before they can return.

    The test will be administered upon completion of a four-hour online course, which costs $75. To pass the test, the fans must answer correctly at least 70 percent of the following brain-twisting (sarcasm) true-or-false questions: “Every fan has a right to like any team they wish. Using abusive language towards fans who support teams you don’t like will not be tolerated.”
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    why not just have segregated seating?
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    Not feasible. Season ticket holders sell their tickets. If they do it on a website, they have no idea who is buying them. They can't control whether a rival fan buys them or not.
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    It works in every other country in the world. If you sell your season ticket seat to someone then you are responsible for their actions at the game.
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    Looks like that will eliminate ALL E-gals fans.:lmao2:
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    Thankfully, it's not like that here in the states.
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    It'll never happen, Daschoo. And yes, thankfully I won't get in trouble because a random I sold my ticket to was a yahoo. That's just ********.
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    You should have to pass a code-of-conduct test to post here.
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    It "could" happen in a sense.

    I could the NFL being so petty and money hungry that they make fans responsible for the actions of people who buy their tickets UNLESS:

    You buy through where people take the C.O.C exam before purchasing.
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    I'm not suggesting that you'll face the jail if the guy in your seat kills someone guys, the season ticket in question is suspended until it can be established who was sitting there and how they came about the ticket.
    Its maybe a different culture over there but when I had my season ticket if I couldn't make a game I would give my ticket to a family member or friend rather than sell it to a random. Also if you had a designated away end then away fans wouldn't be buying season ticket seats for a game and even if they did then they wouldn't get entry to the home end wearing away team colours.

    Not saying that segregated seating would work over there but surely it deserves looking at as an option rather than police taking seats away from real fans to try and provoke a reaction and increase arrest figures.
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    Not quite true:

    "Please remember that season ticket holders are and will be held accountable for the behavior of fans that use their tickets."

    More than one team has this on their tickets and PSL's. Its been posted here before.

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