News: PFT: Who wore No. 8 better, Young or Aikman?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Jul 1, 2014.

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    In my opinion, proponents of the rings argument do not push the issue, hoping their personal observations of quarterback skill level are not debated. That said, I will always side with Joe Montana over Terry Bradshaw every time. Montana ran the West Coast offense to perfection. He could throw the short, intermediate and deep route on the money within Bill Walsh's offense. He made pretty good throws while improvising. On the other hand, Bradshaw intermediate passes were pretty solid. He had the gun for the short passes, especially the out patterns but he tend to lead his receivers a little too much at times. His deep ball wasn't spectacular, but his receivers made more than their share of great catches.

    Statwise, I'm just not going to pump up Bradshaw. The man threw 212 touchdowns along with 210 interceptions. I would never characterize him as a gambler like Brett Favre, but sometimes Bradshaw would just heave it and Lynn Swann and John Stallworth would make his passes look a LOT better caught than delivered.

    Plus, the man couldn't spell the word cat. Just kidding. :)

    People who have heard or read my comments about Tom Brady in the past know how I feel about him. He's an excellent quarterback, but he should always thank Adam Vinateri (sp?) for a good portion of his championship legacy. Granted, Brady didn't crack at the end of his early Super Bowls and got his team into scoring position, but Vinateri was clutch. The man solidified the pump fist after each Super Bowl winning kick.
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    I have no idea. I am open to the idea that things would change. I can only go by what they actually did. You can literally play switcheroo with any two players and say what if. I know that Aikman would not magically run for 4000 yards but other than that I am open to the idea that his stats would improve. I just don't see much to support it. This whole WCO inflation is pretty difficult to prove and even if it could be I doubt it makes up for the gap.
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    Aikman started his career in 1989 going 0-11 as the starter on a team that finished 1-15 and is ranked as one of the top 10 worst teams in NFL history. He ended up the winningest QB of the 90's and was 2-1 vs Young in NFC title games. Aikman won three SB's compared to one SB win for Young. I don't care what the stats say it's about winning especially the big games and Aikman was the better QB.
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    You won't find many QB's who were as mentally tough as Aikman. Most young QB's thrown into the fire as a rookie on a rebuilding team would have lost their confidence and gone bust taking the beatings Aikman took in 89 and 90. Regardless of all the hits Aikman took his first 2 seasons he continued to hang in the pocket and never flinched. I knew Aikman was destined for greatness when after missing 5 games in 89 due to a finger injury he returned vs the Cardinals in week 10 and hit James Dixon on a 75 yard TD throw in the face of a defender zeroing in on him.

    Aikman hung in the pocket sacrificing himself and delivered a laser like throw that was right on the money just as he got nailed. Aikman was laid out on the field for at least 3-4 minutes it was pretty scary. That shot resulted in the first of many concussions he sustained over his career. Aikman passed for a then rookie record of 379 yards in that game. I was convinced after that performance that if the Cowboys could build a solid team around him he could lead them to a championship.
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    Cool. Glad you stated your opinion of it.

    I don't agree but that's cool. We don't have to agree because you're going by individual stats, as most people do especially when it comes to Aikman and frankly that's a not even remotely an accurate way when talking about Aikman with any other QB.

    If you go by just the individual stats of QBs back then you're likely to believe Brett Favre and Warren Moon and Jim Kelly were all better QBs as well. Quite simply they were not.

    Aikman was amazing, and often under-rated by experts and fans alike because he didn't have the amazing stats due to the offense he was in. He wasn't asked to put up huge numbers, nor did he care if he put up huge numbers.

    1 number mattered to Aikman and he had more of them in the decade he played in than anyone. Wins.

    I'm attaching team success to these two to break what I consider a very close comparison because they both played for amazing teams. It's not like the Niners were lunch meat or something.

    Aikman to this day is still the most accurate passer I've ever seen and I've seen quite a few great QBs play. The guy was just flat out great when it came to passing, and was a true general on the field. Young was too, I'm not knocking him at all, but I'm also not going to simply say he was better than Aikman because he didn't throw the ball as much as Young. Young was in a passing offense and Troy was in a running, ball control, offense.

    I watched them both play, a ton of years, and Young was damn good but I'd have taken Troy every single time. Especially when it came to the playoffs and championship games.
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    fixed it to reflect why Troy is "losing" in this poll...
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    Yep, Us boys fans have to beat 40whiner fans and Cowboy haters.

    Bottom line, 3 beats 1.

    He'll always be #8. Just like 12 will always be Staubach, 33 Dorsett and 54 The Manster.
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    Uh, no, the not even remotely accurate way is to use team accomplishments as a way to compare players.

    Favre was pretty obviously better, as he won 3 MVPs while Aikman had 3 MVP votes in his entire career period. The other two are debatable. There isn't a person alive who covered football in the 90s who thought Aikman was better than Favre.

    Nope. They ran the ball just as much as we did throughout their careers and Aikman finished his career with 600 more passing attempts than Young did. Plenty of opportunity, but he doesn't come close to Young.

    You guys may as well just go all in on the trip to Fantasy Land and make Aikman the best QB of all time. Since the whole argument is based on him not having to win MVPs, put up stats, make All-Pro teams... but he could do it if he wanted to, let's just shoot for the moon. Let's make him the all time home run hitter in the MLB too.
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    Funny.,I read year after year how the Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL & yet "haters" vote on polls like this against Cowboy players.

    So haters are better at voting than fans I suppose.
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    Think about the number of fans of other teams that hate the Cowboys compared to the number of Cowboys fans. Just because the Cowboys have more fans than any other individual team does not mean they have more fans than all the anti-Cowboys football fans out there combined.
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    When a Cowboys QB fails to win Super Bowls, critics pounce and crow: "The SB rings are all that matter! Stats are meaningless!"

    But when a Cowboys QB has 3 SB rings and a non-Cowboys QB has just 1, suddenly, "Stats are a more accurate indication of QB quality than championships!"
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    Are you open to the ideal that Aikman would have put up much better passing stats in another offense that didn't include so many rushing attempts? There is no doubt in my mind that Aikman , who had a great arm and accuracy , could have put up huge stats if the offense required him to do so for the best chance of winning. Aikman's stats was very limited because of the rushing game, but it did what was needed to win. IMO, Aikman never had the chance to show off just how great of a passer he was. He was too busy leading the team to Super Bowl wins. I think he is very underrated by most fans.
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    I'll take Aikman over Favre any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Give me even teams and I will win most of the time. Favre was always good for that backbreaking interception. It was Favre's coach coming over to FIND AIKMAN in the locker room to congratulate him on one of the best QBing performances he felt he had ever seen in the 1995 NFC Championship game.
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    "In many ways, Troy's performance that day was typical of his career," said Ernie Zampese, then the Cowboys' offensive coordinator and now retired in San Diego. "Troy could have had 300 yards in that game if we threw the ball more but he could not have played any better. Troy would have a lot more yards in his career, but that would not have been best for the football team. Troy was all about the team."

    When the game was over, Favre's coach, a former quarterback himself and a renowned student of the position, did something he had never done. Nor has he considered doing it since. He summoned security guards and asked them to escort him to the opposing locker room.

    Mike Holmgren recalls that he simply had to congratulate Aikman after bearing witness to his masterful performance.

    "I had to go shake that kid's hand," said Holmgren, now coach of the Seattle Seahawks. "I know I caught him off guard. I think I said, 'You are an amazing player.' Then I shook his hand and left. There was nothing else to be said."
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    Well sure, but then so would Young. Through most of their careers, the teams ran just about the same. People forget that San Francisco was a great rushing team.
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    Cool bro. Cool.

    I disagree.

    And yes he came up with more attempts because Troy never had to sit on the bench behind anyone. And I think you're completely crazy if you think there were people covering football who wouldn't have taken Aikman over Favre.

    And if you actually watched the games and are honestly attempting to say the 49ers ran a run style offense even remotely like Dallas then you either didn't watch them play. The west coast offense didn't run the ball anything close to how often Dallas did.

    How many times did San Fran running backs winning rushing titles while Young was QBing? Exactly. They didn't because they didn't run anywhere near enough.

    We all watched them play and you obviously liked flashy players like Young and Favre better and that's completely cool. Nothing wrong with that in the least.

    I prefered Aikman and absolutely would have taken him, his leadership, his accuracy, and everything else over either of those guys every single time.

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    In the "Fringe" alternate "red" universe. Troy won 4 straight super bowls and Steve ended up with none.

    Just saying ... ;-)
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    How many rings young win without Sanders?
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    With fans like you who needs enemies
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    I am sure that we all would enjoy the stars that you used to form your opinion. I find your statement hard to believe.

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