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    Cowboys follow Pats’ lead

    Dallas’ deal with Buffalo reminiscent of Pats-Ravens 2003 deal

    By Eric Edholm
    April 24, 2004

    I love it. With the top-rated running back on many teams' draft board, Oregon State's Steven Jackson, there on the clock, the Cowboys said, 'No, we’ll take the extra pick and move down.' It’s a smart move — but a gutsy one — to drop down 21 spots, where the team was sure there would be two or three solid running backs to chose from.

    That runner became Julius Jones, who appears to be a Bill Parcells kind of runner. Jones answered questions about his speed last season at Notre Dame and at the NFL Scouting Combine, where he clocked a 4.4 flat in the 40-yard dash.

    The team might also have found a guy who can double as a kick returner — a secondary need as well. Since Parcells took over, the team has used eight players (Zuriel Smith, Derek Ross, Michael Bates, Aveion Cason, Reggie Swinton, Randal Williams, Joey Galloway, Erik Bickerstaff) to return kicks, none with much success.

    Drafting Julius Jones over Jackson at No. 22 and over, say, Greg Jones at No. 43 makes a lot of sense. By trading back, the Cowboys can add extra players and have a back who can be on the field for three downs — something Greg Jones can’t do because of his questionable receiving skills — if needed.

    With FB Richie Anderson and last year's starting RB Troy Hambrick returning, Parcells has two players he can use in various roles, and with Julius Jones in the fold, the running game is sure to be better.

    Add in the Bills' first-round pick in 2005 — which makes this deal not unlike New England's trade with Baltimore in 2003 when the Ravens traded their 2004 first-rounder for the Pats' extra first-round pick in order to select QB-of-the-future Kyle Boller — and this was a great move for Dallas.

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    I agree with this article, but at the time it was dang hard to swallow...especially after knowing we had our choice of both K. Jones and JAckson...but having a chance to get a top 15...most likely a top 10 pick next year is HUGE!
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    Looking at the Bills' roster and schedule it shows that the Bills could very well have a losing season. That would mean a top 12 pick. The cowboys could use that pick on a elite prospect, a Braylon Edwards or Antrell Rolle. Sure these sites might say a grade F or D but looking into our roster and coach, Having 2 1sts next year is great leverage for a team making a Super Bowl run. This is a team adding pieces to a playoff bound and Super Bowl contender. This is Carter's team in 2004 and Drew Henson's team on '05, so despite anyone's whining or complaining facts are facts. :D
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    Right, the difference is that the Ravens are a very solid, established team that ended up going to the playoffs, while the Bills are a rebuilding team that should end up with a worse record than this year's Ravens... Maybe much worse.
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    Even if the Bills have a good season, we STILL get two first rounders next year. That means flexibility in the draft and the ability to move up or down with less risk. Keep in mind that BP is not wild about high 1st round draft picks, as he is concerned about signing them and keeping good team chemistry. There are a lot of different ways the Boys can go, and without the draft picks, it would not be possible.

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