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    Question of the week

    Who is the NFL's most underrated offensive player?

    By PFW staff
    Oct. 2, 2004

    There are players throughout the league who quietly and effectively go about their jobs and don’t get the publicity or recognition they probably deserve.

    It might be because they aren’t self-promoting players. It might be that they play in a smaller market. It might be that they are overshadowed by some more well-known players on their own team. It might just be that they are so young, they haven’t fully established themselves yet.

    Whatever the case, we thought it would interesting to ask people throughout the league for their responses to this fascinating question: Who is the NFL’s most underrated offensive player? Here are some of the answers that we received:

    Ozzie Newsome, Ravens general manager and vice president of player personnel:
    “Edwin Mulitalo.”

    Steelers FS Chris Hope:
    “(Chargers RB) LaDainian Tomlinson does get press, but for him to not make the Pro Bowl (last season), that's hard to swallow. … I don't think he has as much help as other guys.”

    Michael Holley, co-host "I, Max" on Fox SportsNet and author of "Patriot Reign: Bill Belichick, the Coaches and the Players Who Built a Champion":
    “I think a couple years ago I would have said Hines Ward, but Hines Ward is so underrated now that he's overrated. I really think Derrick Mason is tremendous. He's a great receiver. And you know, this person does not fall into the 'underrated' category, because he gets respect, but Curtis Martin is a Hall of Famer. He has never been among the best three running backs in the league, but the guy has 12,000 yards for his career. And you talk to this guy, he is a prince. He is amazing. A regal guy to talk to. Unbelievable. But he's underrated if you are talking about the great, great players.”

    Eagles WR Terrell Owens:
    “I have always said Charlie Garner. Just for a guy that small, he can do a lot of things. He can go in between the tackles. He can catch the ball well. I just remember playing with the guy, and I know that he was a guy who was going to give it his all every play. I was devastated when I saw (he was out for the season). That's a guy who can play some football.”

    Cardinals QB Josh McCown:
    “Boy, that’s hard to say. It seems like there are several guys in New England’s offense that don’t get a whole lot of attention but seem to get it done. I’d say Daniel Graham for them is a good tight end who I think is better than people give him credit for because they spread it out so much.”

    Giants QB Eli Manning:
    “Maybe Jake Delhomme, who just continues to make plays and win games but doesn’t always get the credit he deserves.”

    PFW Seahawks correspondent Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune:
    “How about WR Andre Johnson of Houston? He hasn't been given enough credit for as productive as he's been so far in his career. Through his first 19 games, he has more catches than Jerry Rice, Art Monk, Tim Brown and Cris Carter had in their first 19 games. Anquan Boldin and Roy Williams have made bigger splashes on the national scene, but Johnson has been very good.”

    PFW Cardinals correspondent Darren Urban, of the East Valley Tribune:
    “I'll go with OT Tarik Glenn in Indy. Everybody talks about (Peyton) Manning, but nobody mentions his protection on the left side, which is a huge responsibility. You never hear anyone say that Peyton has pressure issues, and Glenn's the reason.”

    PFW 49ers correspondent Kevin Lynch, of the San Francisco Chronicle:
    “I can't say enough about WR Bobby Engram in Seattle. He made the key play against the Niners in Week Three, and I think it's amazing that almost every catch he makes is for a first down.”

    PFW Broncos correspondent Bill Williamson, of the Denver Post:
    "I think Curtis Martin is one of the all-time underrated guys. His stats are clear-cut Hall of Fame numbers, but he’s not viewed of as a Hall of Famer by most people."

    PFW Chiefs correspondent Rick Dean, of the Topeka Capital-Journal:
    “Rod Smith. I mean, what’s he ever done but produce, especially for a small-school player who’s played an integral role for two Super Bowl teams. There are times I wonder if he was in a bigger media market whether people would be talking about him like Jerry Rice, only on a smaller scale, of course.”

    PFW Patriots correspondent Glen Farley, of The Enterprise of Brockton, Mass.:
    “Bengals QB Jon Kitna. Let’s see. The guy has the best season of his eight-year career for a rebuilding team, plays every snap and guides them to a .500 season that is cause for dancing in the streets of Cincinnati. And what's he get for a reward? His very own clipboard. Thanks, Jon, now go stand over there. I tell you, the guy doesn't get any respect.”

    PFW Bills correspondent Chuck Pollock, of the Olean (N.Y.) Times-Herald:
    “Ricky Proehl. He’s obviously never been to a Pro Bowl, but the teams he has played with, it just seems like he has become the consummate third-down guy, and he just always gets open, and he knows his limitations. I’m not sure that he’s a guy with a great deal of skills, but to me he has maximized the talent he has and has become a very integral part, especially now with Steve Smith out, of the Panthers’ offense.”

    PFW Dolphins correspondent Alex Marvez, of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
    “I think Curtis Martin is underrated because he never gets mentioned with the elite running backs. And yet, this guy is going to go on to one of the best careers in NFL history, just quietly. Through his consistency, I feel like he may sneak into the Hall of Fame.”

    PFW associate editor Trent Modglin:
    “If you go on last year’s Pro Bowl snub, it’s LaDainian Tomlinson. But I’d say either Onterrio Smith or DeShaun Foster. If either was in a full-time role for an entire season, their numbers could be downright scary, and they’re both extremely efficient as receivers out of the backfield.”

    PFW associate editor Mike Wilkening:
    “I can't pick just one player. Bengals WR Peter Warrick means so much to the Cincinnati attack. He's one of the league's best possession receivers, in my book. Texans WR Andre Johnson is on the cusp of huge things. In the NFC, Saints QB Aaron Brooks gets a lot of criticism because he's not perceived to be as strong a leader as other players at the position, but he's cut down on his turnovers and is getting better and better. Also, don't overlook speedy Eagles TE L.J. Smith.”
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    Most underrated offensive player in the league?

    He injured his foot last week vs the Skins.
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    Jason Witten - he's moving into the elite TE territory and with Campbell out will get even more opportunities.

    Travis Henry - right there as big time back. Hard runner, BB said this week a very heady and disciplined back. He kind of drilled McGahee - called ham a back that improvises. Has ability to break off a big play but implied he was undisciplined and does not follow blocks, plays.

    BB,BP seem to like North, South running. Hit it up there into the hole and hard. Parcells in the Gutman book as much said he teaches his DE's to try and force a back towards the sidelines and get him with team speed. Parcells D is predicated on LB's and Safeties generating 80% of the tackles.........
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    I agree with Witten.

    Now it's his opportunity to really shine.
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    Call me bias, but I agree with Witten. I wish we would go to him more often.

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