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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Jun 25, 2004.

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    June 25, 2004

    Random quotes from around the league

    New Raiders RB Troy Hambrick on being a bit out of shape while skipping a voluntary workout with his new ballclub, something that didn’t exactly impress head coach Norv Turner: “It’s not like if I ran some more right now, I would die on him on the field or anything.”

    Hambrick on why he struggled to replace the NFL’s all-time rushing leader, Emmitt Smith, when he was with the Cowboys: “It was hard replacing Emmitt because I didn’t have Emmitt Smith’s offensive line or Emmitt Smith’s quarterback.”

    Titans DL Kevin Carter on his belief that DT Albert Haynesworth, who drew the ire of his teammates when he skipped some workouts earlier this spring, would be ready to go by training camp: “He will come through. That’s the way I feel. Maybe I’m being optimistic and I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. But you know what? He’s my teammate, so I go to war for him and I expect him to go to war for me.”

    Buccaneers WR Keenan McCardell on his decision to skip some workouts due to a contract dispute over a desired pay raise: “I understand that it is difficult to sympathize with a professional athlete making millions of dollars. I hope that this situation can be resolved so I can be in camp and help my teammates return to the Super Bowl, but I also need to be treated fairly. I am prepared to wait as long as necessary to make sure that happens.”

    Raiders QB Rich Gannon on his team’s decision to sign former Giants QB Kerry Collins during the offseason: “I don’t know what people think, but I do have some intelligence. You know, I am 38 years old. I think that they looked at what happened a year ago when I did get hurt and they probably felt like they needed to continue to try and improve (the QB) position. And, so, (the signing) made a lot of sense to me. It didn’t surprise me at all.”

    Mark Roberts, who delayed the start of the second half of Super Bowl XXXVIII by streaking just prior to the third-quarter kickoff and subsequently fined $1,000 by a Houston jury, on why he did what he did: “The whole reason I did it was to entertain people, America. If making people laugh is a criminal offense, I should be sentenced to prison for life.”
  2. Hostile

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    Yeah Hambone, that O-line in 2002 was stellar. :rolleyes:
  3. Rude

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    Im so sick of hambrick. This guy has always ran his mouth and he has never done anything to back it up. Nothing but excuses from that guy
  4. Doomsday101

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    He also did not have Emmitt's talent
  5. LaTunaNostra

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    That is flat out STUNNING.

    This bird is NUTS.
  6. aikemirv

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    I can't believe we sent Emmitt packing for this jerk!!
  7. Rude

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    Yup. We sent the greatest Running back of all time for that trash named hambrick
  8. Rack Bauer

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    I think they left off the rest of the quote. It probably should of went something like this...

    Or Emmitt Smith's Vision.

    Or Emmitt SMith's speed.

    Or Emmitt Smith's quickness.

    Or Emmitt Smith's balance.

    Or Emmitt Smith's ability to break tackles.

    Or Emmitt Smith's heart.

    Or Emmitt Smith's class.

    Or Emmitt Smith's chiropractor.

    Or Emmitt Smith's nutritionist.

    Or Emmitt Smith's... ah hell, you get the point.
  9. aikemirv

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    I think we all ought to give Emmitt the benefit of the doubt for the things he said last year when he saw that he was getting replaced by this piece of trash. Emmitt knew what this guy was made of and it had to hurt him deeply to be given the shaft for this guy.
  10. Hostile

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    Can I get an amen?

    Post of the day.
  11. Nors

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    I am in Thams shoes..........

    I praise the crap out of Emmitt. Portray I'm a blue collar back, show up in SHAPE, TRY hard. Give it my humble all. Walllaaa - he'd have won the fans over. But no he goes excuses and hangs himself.

    What was his wonderlic - curious?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think that Hambone is a jerk myslef but it doesn't mean that what he said is not true. He didn't have any off those things. It just so happens that he also has no talent, class, the list pretty much goes on.
  13. Yeagermeister

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    That's all you needed to say.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Nice post and right on the $$$$$.

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