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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Aug 7, 2004.

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    I'm not mad at his wanting reps at all.
    I think he had a valid point. He didnt mind competing with Vinny but sitting out entire days so Romo and Henson could get 1/3 of the snaps was questionable. I dont think BP minded that much if at all. Heck, AB is on the team after tantrums every few seconds over reps. Irvin wanted all the reps too. Favre is the same way. I dont mind that part in the least. Not wanting reps is another story.

    All that said he chose to smoke weed, which means he didnt find this team that important to him. I wish him well wherever he ends up except when they play us. Right now he is clearly a "they" and not an "us" and he made it that way.
  2. jterrell

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    Excellent post.
  3. jimmy40

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    Did he want reps to get better or to prove to everybody watching that he was the starter?
  4. Cheap Shot Artist

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    Hostile, you are this boards Pimp

    You, in a way, are in charge of keeping many whores here in line

    Many of your whores turned their back on you when in fact you were right all the time

    Now, they all "owe" their "Daddy" and give it to em rough :D
  5. Jimz31

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    I SERIOUSLY doubt that it was the "I'm the starting QB." statement. I WANT our QB to say that, no matter WHO he is. Do we really want guys on our team not knowing what their role is? Has there aver been a professional athlete that DIDN'T want to play? If so, he was destined to be in the sport for long.

    I doubt that the "wanting reps" did it either, not to mention that it's just a rumor at this poinbt anyway. IF he did do that, it would depend on how vociferous he was about it.

    It was about matter what the Cowboys front office says now.
  6. Sarge

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    Whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa Nellie!
  7. Hostile

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    Over analyzing it? I have a poster on this board who has been on my back for over a year because of my saying "Carter is not all that good." Yesterday I read him saying "time to move on, Carter was never all that good anyway."

    You don't find that odd? Well, from where I sit it is very odd. It's like I said stuff a long time ago and the after all this time the echo is just barely getting back to me.
  8. Hostile

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    Ad, I am certainly not saying all have turned on him but clearly some of the most in your face guys have.

    I find it interesting that I am praying for the guy to beat his addictions and get his life together, yet for 2 years on these forums I've been accused of hating the guy.

    Stuff I said that really upset people is now the very things some of them are saying. It's a weird thing.
  9. Hostile

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    Again, I didn't say everyone.

    There are gears stripping in a lot of transmissions because of being thrown in reverse so fast.
  10. Hostile

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    That may be the wildest post ever addressed to me.


    Are spurs too much?
  11. junk

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    He is gone. I was hoping this would all end, but there is still threads about the guy. I have never understood what made him so special that everyone had to follow a special set of rules when discussing him or face being flamed.

    Seriously, depth is a concern. Yes, Dallas made the playoffs last year. QC played OK. Not good, definitely not great. Personally, I think QB and RB were the weakest positions on the team. Now he is replaced with a veteran who might be able to *gasp* read more than 1/3 to 1/2 of the field and the playoff chances are screwed? Maybe if Vinny goes down early, but Carter was far from the lynchpin to this team's success.

    Was the depth good last year? Nope. This is all contingent on how fast Henson picks things up. Lets all hope it is quick. Hopefully Vinny plays the season out, Henson gets his feet under him and let him lead the charge in 05. In the meantime, I seriously think the chances of success are as good or better with VT than with QC.

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