Phantom's 2009 Cowboys Mock Draft.

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    Alright, every week or two weeks I will be updating my Dallas Cowboys mock draft, picks will change based on players rising up draft boards or falling down draft boards. Enjoy.

    NOTE: We have ten picks in this years draft, knowing Jerry, he will be wheeling and dealing so I doubt we will end up using all these ten picks, but since "fantasy trades" are bogus in my opinion, I will use all ten picks.

    The Draft:

    1. Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
    Every Dallas Cowboys fan has been screaming for a #2 receiver, and eventually a #1 to replace the aging future hall of famer in Terrell Owens, Jeremy Maclin is an interesting prospect. I was tempted to take Percy Harvin at this spot, but I am assuming he will go in the Top 20-25. Maclin is a redshirt sophomore who has absolutely exploded this season with Chase Daniel in Missouri. My only issue with him is will he stay for his junior season? Or come out early with Michael Crabtree and get a first round paycheck before the inevitable happens, the rookie pay scale decreases dramatically.

    2. Michael Hamlin, SS, Clemson
    Another position where Cowboys fans have been having brain aneurysm's over is the strong safety position and the player currently occupying it, Roy Williams. Michael Hamlin has been a four year starter at Clemson and has 12 turnovers in his career. He is a good coverage safety, something Cowboys fans have been wanting out of Roy Williams for years. The Hamlin Brothers will unite for the 2009 season, hopefully.

    3. Herman Johnson, G/T, LSU(By way of Cleveland)
    A absolute mammoth of a Guard, at 6'7 349(and still getting bigger) he has the potential to make Leonard Davis look small. With questions about Kyle Kosier, and Marc Colombo, Johnson can be a devastating run blocker which can bode well for taking over the right tackle position, or staying inside at guard if Kosier continues to injure himself. This may be a bit of a reach here, seeing as Johnson could go early in the second round if he continues his stellar play up.

    3. Dorell Scott, NT, Clemson
    Another monstrous player taken in the third round. At 6'4, 315 pounds, he can immediately step in and play a crucial role in backing up Jay Ratliff. The Tank Johnson experiment has failed miserably and I highly doubt he will be back for another go round in 2009.

    4. Josh Mauga, ILB, Nevada (By way of Detroit)
    With Zach Thomas approaching his late 30's, he doesn't have much time left and I expect his concussion problems to perk up sometime this season. Mauga is a tenacious middle linebacker and his one of the best defensive players in his conference. Has the ideal size to play the position in the 3-4 beside Bradie James.

    4. Fenuki Tupou, RT, Oregon
    We all know Jerry likes those big bodied behemoths on the offensive line. With many of the Cowboys starting offensive linemen in their 30's, adding some youth to it won't hurt. I suspect Marc Colombo will command a lot of money this off-season, money the Cowboys can't commit to him. At 6'5 328 pounds, Tupou started 12 games in 2007 and prove to be an excellent force opening holes for Jonathen Stewart.

    5. Lydell Sargeant, CB, Penn State
    Lydell is one of the best corners in all of college football, there is only one problem though, he has been in trouble with the law more then once. With Anthony Henry getting up their in age, another young body to add to a young secondary is key. Running a 4.45 is solid for a corner, and if not for his troubled pass, he may be a 3rd round pick.

    6. Kyle Moore, DE, USC (By way of Miami)
    With Marcus Spears not living up to his hype of a first round draft pick, the Cowboys may feel the need to draft a replacement, and at a bargain in the 6th round. He started 10 games last season for the Trojans and complied an impressive two sacks and two interceptions.

    6. Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly-SLO
    This is getting boarder line ridiculous, how a team this could can draft 10 players is laughable, but since I'm not into the fantasy trades, I will keep picking. Ramses Barden comes for the football factor of Cal Poly(cough, cough) He's a big guy, at 6'6 226, and had mind boggling numbers last season, catching 57 balls for 1,467 yards and 18 touchdowns. I don't care if you play in 1-AA or Pop Warner, thats damn impressive.

    7. Dre'Mail Hardin, FS, Stillman
    This is pretty much a whatever pick, a small school safety who, if we get lucky could turn into a pro bowler. More than likely will be a training camp body, and maybe a practice squad player to learn the system and catch up with NFL speed.
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    IDK about picking up another CB and I think the DE from USC would have to play OLB for us in the 3-4. If Macklin falls to us I love the pick although I don't think he will and I don't think that guard last till the 3rd round. I'm not really feeling anyone from Clemson.
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    I know what you mean, the problem is though, I think everyone on that team has given up on the season, and Tommy Bowden. He once again, single handily threw that program out of a national title race.
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    yea I thought they were going to be good they came out and laid an egg....overrated bums

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