PHI TE LJ Smith carted off practice field

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Richmond Cowboy, Aug 9, 2007.

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    Hi Folks,
    Potentially bad news for tight end L.J. Smith in Philadelphia.
    Link: 9 10 39
    Clipped from the article by Reuben Frank:
    L.J. Smith Carted off Practice Field
    L.J. Smith, who underwent sports hernia surgery in late May, aggravated the injury
    yesterday morning at practice and although nobody is commenting on how serious the
    injury is, it didn’t look good when Smith was carted off the Lehigh practice fields
    at about 9:30 a.m.
    Smith, who has scored 26 touchdowns in four seasons, was running a routine
    non-contact drill and had just caught a pass from A.J. Feeley down the middle of
    the field with linebacker Chris Gocong a step back when he crumpled to the ground
    at the 25-yard-line. Gocong immediately signalled for the trainers and Smith
    stayed on the ground until being helped off the field.
    “There was no contact at all,” Gocong said. “He was in pain. It’s a shame. He
    looked great up till that point.”
    Smith was taken to the trainer’s tent for an initial exam and then carted back to
    the Varsity House. Head coach Andy Reid said he didn’t know how serious the injury
    “He tweaked it,” Reid said. “We’ll see.”
    The injury could be a huge blow not only to the Eagles’ offense but to Smith, who
    is in his contract year and due to become a free agent this offseason.
    Smith underwent sports hernia surgery on May 31 and had just returned to practice
    a few days ago. He said on Wednesday he was experiencing some soreness but was
    overall optimistic about his rehab.
    Donovan McNabb, who underwent sports hernia surgery late in the 2005 season, said
    he wasn’t shocked that Smith experienced a setback.
    “The doctor would always tell me, ‘Don’t be shocked if you have a setback,’”
    McNabb said. “You just have to go slow. Some days it feels like everything is
    healed, but it’s really not. You have to be patient. It’ll get better with time.
    Patience is everything.”

    [[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]]
    Let's see how this shakes out but if Smith is limited, that's a big blow for the team.
    We currently have Smith projected as the #10 TE on the board. Matt Schobel and rookie
    Brent Celek are the guys behind Smith. They're OK but nothing to get excited about.
    Schobel did catch 4 TDs in 2004 with the Bengals but that's been the highlight. Stay
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    They are already in panic mode over there. Shawn Andrews has gone to see an ankle specialists and is in a walking boot, and Brian Dawkins has missed like 7 consecutive practices with an achilles problems. Dawkins is a major concern. I know things are serious when Howard Eskin the ultimate eagles homer say's he's now concerned.
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    If he ruptured that sports hernia again, that's not good.
  5. Cowboy from New York

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    Big blow for that offense.
    We all have seen what he's done to us in the past, takes a way some of that center field deep threat from their playbook with him down if that is the case.
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    Good thing I talked to my man Andy and we decided to go ahead and draft Greg Olsen since L.J. Smith is in a contract year....oh wait.....anyway these bouncey balls look like your bumper sticker on your car....rainbows...whats that mean again?
  7. Dallas

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    I hate to see players get hurt. But.....hrmmmm

    Get well soon after game 9 LJ. We are with you. :starspin
  8. Dallas

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    Your Kung ** is not not wake the sleeping giant that is in me.

  9. Facin'Fools

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    I think you meant for this reply to be in the Mike Vick Thread....:cool:
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    hey fool, what was your reaction wher irvin's career ended?
  11. Facin'Fools

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    Initially saw the hit and was excited that we took him down...Realizing the possible extent of his injury it was more of worry for him...This a game where grown men get to entertain by playing a boys sport, family and well being comes before this rivalry....I played sports with McCordsville much as I hate his or this forums team...he gets hurt catchin a ball over the middle I dont start pointing and laughin', comparing him to irvin and telling him thats why he could never catch a drag infront of dawkins. It's just a on the other hand he wont come waltzing into my house wearin any cowboys jerseys, I'll set up a portable 12 inch tv next to the kiddie pool outside.....As much as i hate Irvin for being a cowboy and a hurricane I wouldn't wish injury or possible paralisis on anyone...And he still makes me laugh on game day....I wasn't cheering the injury if that is what you were gettin' at.
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    ohhhh NOoooooooooo!!!!:suxiggle::trophy::disseags:
  13. Chocolate Lab

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    What happened to Andrews? Do you know?

    THUMPER Papa

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    I was thinking the same thing, this is a huge blow for them. Smith has killed us in the past. He opens it up for their WRs and RBs, without him they will not be nearly as effective.
  15. Facin'Fools

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    Good one...real deep....embarassed to share the same first name as you...if only i could exhibit such creativity
  16. David276

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    youre on a cowboys forum dude was that supposed to ruin our day?
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    This place gets classier by the day.
  18. Facin'Fools

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    My point exactly....your post didn't ruin mine.....pretty sure you saw the emblem, thought I was being a troll and a homer, quickly hit reply so you could deliver what may be the most original taunt to shut me down and show me the cowboy way....I'm on here to look to see what is going on with my rival squad.....friends close, enemies closer.....knowledge is power...dude
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    hahahaha im glad he injured... u beagles fans deserve that crap

    bad karma..... see how far u guys are going go with mCfLAB till KOLB eventually ends up starting

    hhahahaah news made my day
  20. Facin'Fools

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    He cant help it...McCordsville Cowboy has had more injuries in the last 5 years than most NFL teams in a year....He attacks his fellow IR homies when he soothes his soul

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