Philadelphia comes up short again

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by DandyDon, Jun 7, 2004.

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    The native Philadelphian - "Smarty Jones" kept the Philadelphia tradition alive by steamrolling into the finals being undefeated. Then, in the final race in what would be a truly triumphant and glorious achievement - he lost at the last second to a horse with inferior talent. A horse that was 35 to 1 on the odds board. What is this? Can't the Philadelphians catch a break anywhere, anyhow these days? In comparison to the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, it seems the city is getting used to "Losing the big one". It also seems that the city draws great athletes and latches on to them with unbridled fury - by proclaiming them "the best in the game" (see Allen Iverson, Donovan McNabb, etc.). But when the game is on the line for all the marbles - they just seem to come up short. What is it about the City of Brotherly Love? Maybe it's just all "Love" and "No Heart"? Can there be Love with No Heart? Hmmm, as a Texan on the outside looking in, to me, it appears to be a city that mimics that of a spoiled child that doesn't get his way. Flash to the following:

    - Class move against the Cowboys during the strike years by pretending to take a knee in a game that you've already won, then heaving a TD pass at the last second "just to prove a point" that they hate to lose.

    - Cheering wildly when an opposing player goes down with what appears to be a serious paralizing injury.

    - Throwing snowball covered batteries at opposing teams because they know they're going to lose the game?

    Did we hear all of this from Tawana? No Ms. Iverson we didn't. In fact, there it was on Saturday, right before our eyes. We as a nation were even rooting for this "Seabiscuit Like" thoroughbred to pull off what was sure to be Philadelphia's crowning achievement in sports. But alas, it wasn't meant to be as they come up short - AGAIN!
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    i love it. just absolutely love it.
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    Umm...excuse me, where is this moved to?
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    Look towards the top of your screen when you are not sure which section of the forum a post is in.

    In this case it reads.... > Other Forums > Sports Zone.

    The last one is the Sports zone in this case....which means it is in the sports zone section of the forum.

    I Am not saying this to sound like you are stupid or anything of that nature....just telling you what to look for in the future if you are not sure.

    This section is setup for any sports that are not the NFL or Cowboys may also find another thread for horse racing fans that may interest you.

    In order to find the various sections of the forum you can click on the CowboysZone in large print at the very top of the page and it will list all of the different sections of the forum.....which include other areas like Off Topic zone, Sports Zone, SmackTalk Zone, Political Zone.

    Hope that helps. :)
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    I feel bad for Smarty. If he would have been from anywhere else on Earth he would be the Tripple Crown winner. But being from Philly he did what comes naturally. Chokes.
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    Double crown winner, and second place is Smarty "choking;" while a triple crown winner can be obtained anywhere on Earth, except for Philly?

    Ok! Thanks for the update.

    I'll be on "trash talk" (the appropriate thread for this type banter) if you wish to discuss further.


    A Gentleman Fan (How did I do El Moderatore'?)

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