Philadelphia comes up short again

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DandyDon, Jun 7, 2004.

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    The native Philadelphian - "Smarty Jones", kept the Philadelphia tradition alive by steamrolling into the finals being undefeated. Then, in the final race in what would be a truly triumphant and glorious achievement - he lost at the last second to a horse with inferior talent. A horse that was 35 to 1 on the odds board. What is this? Can't the Philadelphians catch a break anywhere, anyhow these days? In comparison to the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, it seems the city is getting used to "Losing the big one". It also seems that the city draws great athletes and latches on to them with unbridled fury - by proclaiming them "the best in the game" (see Allen Iverson, Donovan McNabb, etc.). But when the game is on the line for all the marbles - they just seem to come up short. What is it about the City of Brotherly Love? Maybe it's just all "Love" and "No Heart"? Can there be Love with No Heart? Hmmm, as a Texan on the outside looking in, to me, it appears to be a city that mimics that of a spoiled child that doesn't get his way. Flash to the following:

    - Class move against the Cowboys during the strike years by pretending to take a knee in a game that you've already won, then heaving a TD pass at the last second "just to prove a point" that they hate to lose.

    - Cheering wildly when an opposing player goes down with what appears to be a serious paralizing injury.

    - Throwing snowball covered batteries at opposing teams because they know they're going to lose the game?

    Did we hear all of this from Tawana? No Ms. Iverson we didn't. In fact, there it was on Saturday, right before our eyes. We as a nation were even rooting for this "Seabiscuit Like" thoroughbred to pull off what was sure to be Philadelphia's crowning achievement in sports. But alas, it wasn't meant to be as they come up short - AGAIN!
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    Philly's failures will be with them for a very long time
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    Well, to put what you said in proper perspective ...Philly's loses will be with them, right up until their next double crown win, NHL playoff victory, and NFL Division playoff game -- Philly teams are very resilient like that.

    Looking forward to this season to engage in some stimulating dialogue with you.

    "May gentle breezes blow in your face."

    Author Unknown

    Moderator? (I'm trying real hard) :D
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    double crown!!?? man, that gives me a great idea....... boyyy, I sure hope we have some lemon-twists left!!! BBL!
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    what's great is that you have designed a forum where you can talk about my town in a deragatory forum-and if i defend it- i'll be banned by the mods... so come here with this opinion-(you'll find planty a cowboy fans- we are open for debate)

    and you'll get roasted- the city of philadelphia has tons of heart- (hopefully that doesn't get me banned for saying that)
    because it does take a coward to post what you said
    it's been my experience most cowboy fans are cowards
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    First of all we can do that. This is a cowboys message board opposing fans are visiting.

    Secondly, we don't do that. I can only think of 1 egirl fan that got banned here. Ask AJM hes has 700 something posts and mite be the biggest homer of western civilization ;) , but he brings facts, analysis and opinion to the arguments and he is welcome.
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    Coward (I prefer to pronounce your ID as "KO" "WARD"); because you are no coward! I'm glad there are still three Eagles fans on this MB who aren't afraid of defending our team, city, or brother Eagle fans.

    By the way, there are more than one DCF-MB Moderators on this board. I'm Not certain if they all have the same level of fairness; but I'm sure one will give EFs the benefit of the doubt.

    I'm uncertain about their level of tolerance for Eagle fans, but I personally witnessed another team fan get banned for trolling. I read the guidelines for this MB -- I didn;t see anYthing regarding the dynamics associated with the logistics moderators use to actually ban someone from the MB.

    This is just conjetcure, and rhetorical questions ...

    Do moderators (on any MB) have a committee to determine a ban?
    Do moderators act autonymously?
    Can one moderator overturn/reverse, or over-rule another mod's decision to ban?
    Are their junior mods, senior mods?
    Does a moderator have a moderator?
    Can a mod be a fan of a team other than the team MB they are moderating on?
    Suppose a moderator doesn't like you or something you said; do we have rights?
    Is their an appeal process?

    NOTE TO THE REAL MODERATORS: Don't answer any of the questions above. Lighten up, I'm only having some "Smack talk" fun with the moderators! Don't don't cut me off I was just

    Just kidding, they didn't ban me -- yet! :D
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    There is nothing wrong with defending your team or long as you do so without circumventing the language filter or telling others certian types of SUCK ME or some stupid crap like that.....general decent manners will do....but that does NOT mean you can not defend your team or have some friendly smack talk.....hell even cowboys fans rip on each other some.

    There are 5 mods...with one of those 5 being the owner of the site.
    Normally just 4 monitor the board with one of those four being busy of late working as an intern for the cowboys website.

    As far as benefit of the doubt....I will and it seems to have paid off in your case so far...I have been impressed with you after I spoke with you. The mods here are generally fair.

    If a person is not raising hell, using language, saying eat me or you suck and that type of childish behavior then we are very tolerant IMO.

    Not sure about ANY MB...but here normally we do not need a committee to ban someone...however that approach has been used at times... IMO it may be good to use a committee in cases where a particular mod may not get along with a poster....that way the other mods can make sure it is not a case of banning someone just because they one mod does not get along with them....this is just my personal feeling.

    Sometimes but not all the time.

    They have the ability to do so...but in most cases do not unless it is brought up to the other mods and a decision is made to let someone back in for another chance. It is not good IMO to just unban someone that another mod banned with out talking it over....and it is a rare thing when someone is unbanned....most of the times they have had plenty of warnings.

    In the sense that some have been mods longer then others I would say yes...but we are all able to do much of the same things.

    Fellow mods can help each other out in cases I addressed earlier to prevent some mod from just banning people because they do not like them...Also there is an owner of this site which is also the admin so he is the head man. He can appoint or remove mods if he wishes.

    I guess it could happen....but I really do not see it happening :D
    In other words the owner could appoint anyone as mod...but I just do not see him making fan of another team a mod on the cowboys site...just like I am sure the eagles MB would not want a Cowboys fan as a mod.

    I sort of addressed some measures about this earlier...however here is more...this is #7 of the guidelines...

    7) Users who publicly post messages attacking or insulting the Moderators or the site itself will be suspended or banned. If you have a problem with a Moderator, send a Private Message to Dale or Reality. Posting public messages complaining about this site or the Moderators just to cause problems will not be tolerated. Posting private messages sent to or received from Moderators in public forums will result in account suspension or banning.

    This was the final straw that got DRP banned...he posted a PM I sent to him on the forum...BIG NO NO.

    It is ok to ask is ok to defend your team, your stance or your town....just keep it in perspective some without the language or trollish ways that some people have shown.
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    Where do you see that you will get banned if you defend your city???....or are your going a little to far in the assumpiton...or possibly getting bad information?

    Read my above post and you will understand.

    Show a little maturity in defending your posts (no bad language and that sort of calling fans inbreds, no saying stuff like eat me...that whole type of smack talk mentality).

    There are rules...follow the rules and you will be ok.
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    I was banned for 1 day back at the other board, but BP brought me back.

    I can think of two other Eagle fans that were banned, 1 was a troll and one was drp, who never really said anything worth reading.

    We should get some more Giants fans to migrate from our board to this one.
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    We never see any giants fans....I have always thought it odd...that Eagles fans normally hate Skin and Cowboys, Cowboys Fans normally hate Skins and Eagles, and Skins fans normally hate Cowboys and Eagles.

    But of all three (Cowboys, Skins and Eagles) I would imagine that most would rank the Giants down the lowest of the "hate" factor of the NFC East teams.
  12. DallasCowpoke111

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    Ohhhhhhhk, now THAT'S a banable offense!! :p
  13. Armageden Eagle

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    The Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins relationship concept is something like ...

    My enemy's enemy is not necessarily my friend :confused:
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    Quote ...Can a mod be a fan of a team other than the team MB they are moderating on?

    Response ..."I guess it could happen....but I really do not see it happening In other words the owner could appoint anyone as mod...but I just do not see him making fan of another team a mod on the cowboys site...just like I am sure the eagles MB would not want a Cowboys fan as a mod."

    I've been impressed with you as a Mod Mr. Paint (or do you prefer Mr Brain, the Brain, Brainy ...I know I should stop, but I'm enjoying this. :D ). I know, believe I'll just call you the "Mod Squad." :rolleyes:

    Your responses were clear; but I do have other questions later in this response.
    First I want the Mod-Squad to consider my proposal to have another team's Moderator on this site. Here's my justification ...

    Title: Other Team Moderator (OTMOD), or Mod-Consul (Moderator-Consult ere').

    Authority: Limited authority based on any bias that will probably exist. Makes recommendations, but cannot autonymously make the decision to ultimately ban
    someone. Demonstrates sound, logic in replies.

    Parity - an OTMOD (other team Moderator) gives depth to a balanced Mod team. Another team fan could not dispute a moderator's call to ban someone when they have consulted with the Mod-Consul (or whatever name).

    Benefits Realized: Inquiries that challenge favoritism could be met with comments such as ...

    "In fact, one of our moderators is an Eagles Fan (or Skins, or Giants, etc)"

    "We've consulted with or Mod-Consul, and all agree unanimously...

    Characteristics: Must have a sense of humor, fair sound logical writer, able to think out of the box. Intelligent, and a fan of another team.

    General Discussion: It's always wise to be able to measure decisons on a sounding board. A different perspective is always filled with a different outlook, a Fresh opinion to consider.

    Here's a test for you:


    You're holding up your hand between your face and mine, as I ask you to tell me what you see ...

    YOUR PROBABLE RESPONSE - "I see four fingers and a thumb -- four finger nails and one thumbnail. I also see knuckles."

    MY PROBABLE RESPONSE - "I see four fingers and a thumb. I also see lines on the palm of your hand, fingers and thumb."

    Another outlook.

    Questions for the Mod-Squad:

    Is the Mod-Squad a voluntary job? (your option to answer)

    How much time does the Mod-Squad involve?
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    Brain, Paint, BP, BrainPaint....any will do as far as I am need for MR with either IMO.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Now as far as the rest of your post.

    I can bring this up to the sites owner, but I have to be honest and say I doubt if it would happen. We already have enough Mods as it is and even if we did do this time I know I would only be comfortable with 2-3 posters on this board who are fans of others teams.
    They are people who have been members of the board for a long period of time and have demonstrated to me (and I think it would be fair to say the other mods) that they are posters that would be good at mods...and one of them is a mod at his teams MB.

    What you propose is not a bad idea but I just do not see it happening.

    I was a mod at another site for was an NFC East smack talk had a mod rep for each team. I lost track of the site after it changed it's address.

    Once again I will bring this up to the sites owner.

    As for the last part of your post asking about the mods....

    The Mods job IS a voluntary job, we are not paid and do not get anything in terms of payment. Most of us just love the board and the cowboys and do it for free.

    Far as time really depends on the individual.

    I can not speak as much for the other mods...we do not have any set hours or anything of that nature. I am lucky enough to be able to montior the board through out the week days as my job allows me to surf the net as I patiently wait for pesky calls or emails as part of my real job....poor me ;)
  16. Armageden Eagle

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    You do have a good job. My last job was counseling surviving members of active duty and retired military personnel who were killed or died. I transitioned from that job into evaluating State mental health administrations and mental health provider organizations throughout the country; so I travel quite a bit.

    Since I'm originally from Philly, I inherited the Eagles (I was fortunate :D ). I actually don't hate the Cowboys, Redskins or Giants; until they play my team. But independently I enjoy watching the NFC-East division play (the only other exception is when one of the NFC team losses have a direct impact on the outcome of the Eagles -- for example, if the Cowboys play the Redskins, I may support either team, depending on the impact the outcome may have on the Eagles). You kow what I mean?

    Hence, I'll defend my team brother fans, and City (Philly), but I will never launch an attack without provocation.

    Let me know what the leader of the Mod-Squad decides. Just one after thought:
    the person you had in mind that might fit the bill of Mod-Consul should not be someone that would never go up against a poster because they thought it would be something the Mod-Squd wouldn't want to hear. They should be assertive yet diplomatic.

    I'll get back with you from time-to-time. Nice chatting ...

    Later ...
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    They all hate Dallas because we won so much. Our hate came from the coaches who took the Cowboy hate to another level, George Allen and Buddy Ryan. That and those Eagles fans. :D
  18. Armageden Eagle

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    Ouch! :confused:

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