Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at 46

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by StevenOtero, Feb 2, 2014.

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    I still don't see what I've said is judgmental. Explain to me how it is. Unless he was FORCED to take heroin then it was his own doing. I'm a big proponent of individual liberty and as such I also believe in personal consequences.

    I'll admit, I've never walked a mile in his shoes. I just fail to see how injecting heroin is ever better than the alternative. He also relapsed. That was beyond stupid (I AM being judgmental here). He knew how bad his addiction was before and he chose to go back to the drugs. Sorry, again, I don't feel any sorrow for his death. I will hold my "sorrow" for the people who died through no fault of their own.

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    lol. One human with endless faults judging another with endless faults.
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    We all have them (before I get attacked).
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    I tend to agree. I understand the posters here that disagree with his drug abuse , but for goodness sake, show some respect . A man has died. A flawed man, but a man that was very talented. It is such a waste of human life. My prayers are with his family.
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    what is there to know? He had problems for years and it finally finished him off. He was an idiot for along time. Sorry you got no guts, that is your problem.
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    So what if he was talented? Just another drug user who used one time too many. Thousands do that every year. Frankly I see no reason to cry more because he was talented. You are acting like that makes him better somehow.
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    how did you avatar die?
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    doing drugs is now becoming acceptable. That is where a lot of these posters are coming from.
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    I knew the name sounded familiar, but I only ever saw one of his films, The Hunger Games, and I don't think I recognize him from that, even.
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    A Note About Philip Seymour Hoffman: Addiction Is Not Selfish.


    Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s death is the worst. Seriously. In much the same way that Chris Kelly‘s was. Or Cory Monteith‘s. And if you’re now looking at me like I’m crazy for even using Hoffman and Monteith in the same article, hear me out: It’s not because they were equal talents. Your opinion on that probably depends on whether you’re fifteen or thirty-five. This is not about losing one of the greatest talents of our time. Their deaths are horrific because they died alone, victims of an incredibly lonely disease. And what’s worse, they didn’t have to be alone. Loving significant others, loving children, admiration from everyone around them — if they could, I’m sure they would have chosen those things

    I guarantee that every time Hoffman put that needle in his arm, he felt guilty. He felt conflicted. He craved that high that would take the pain away, but knew the pain he caused himself and those around him every time he took a hit. We all have destructive habits. If we’re lucky, it’s watching too much TV when it’s inhibiting our productivity, or looking at porn when we think it’s a sin, or lying, cheating, overeating. If we’re lucky, our addictions won’t kill us. The majority of us can go through a partying phase and then grow up, settle down, and put down the sauce. But for an unfortunate group, the need to keep going becomes as pervasive as the need to eat or sleep. And we call them selfish, as if they would prefer to be a slave to the thing that’s ruining everything good in their lives.

    Read More:
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    Too bad, he was enjoyable as an actor.
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    What a waste.
    That guy was seriously talented.
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    HEY, speak for yourself

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    Some 7,000 people die every year of heroine OD.

    He shouldn't get any more attention than any of them, imo.
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    When I told my 17 year old son the Hoffman had died, he asked me how. I told him by heroine overdose. he had a simple, one word response:


    That says it all.

    It's amazing how mentally weak some people are.
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    I do feel bad for his wife and kids, however. They are the victims of his selfishness
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    You judging people while accusing them of judging people is mildly amusing.
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    I lived a few blocks away from him for almost 10 years. He used to eat an outdoor restaurant across the street in the mid to late 90's before the paparazzi got insane. Very cool low key guy who would say hi. Always riding around the neighborhood on his bike or walking with his kids. Had friends that knew him at NYU, said that he didn't change even after he became famous. I guess he had some sort of medical procedure last year and the meds triggered a relapse after 23 years of being clean.
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    NYPD hunting for Hoffman’s heroin dealer after 70 bags found

    Authorities also want to determine if Hoffman’s supply was laced with fentanyl – an opiate given to cancer patients to soothe their pain.

    The fentanyl-heroin combination has been linked to more than 100 deaths in America – with more three dozen deaths in Maryland since September.

    Meanwhile, there have been almost 20 related deaths in Pennsylvania in the last month alone, and another 22 people dying of heroin-fentanyl overdoses in Rhode Island last month.

    Fentanyl can be 10 to 100 times stronger than morphine, according to CNN.

    It was not clear if the heroin Hoffman used contained the dangerous opiate.

    Authorities have warned that heroin addiction is soaring and noted an uptick in the availability of the drug.

    Read the rest:
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    True and you just did the same thing.

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