Phillies Fan Tazed: Too Far or Just Right?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Gzus, May 4, 2010.

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    Before 17-year-old Steve Consalvi ran onto the field at Citizen's Bank Park on Monday, where he was Tasered by a police officer, the teenager reportedly called his father for permission to do so.

    "He said, 'Dad, can I run on the field?' I said, 'I don't think you should, son,'" Wayne Consalvi told the Philadelphia Inquirer of the conversation he had with his son.

    "This would be a once in a lifetime experience!" Steve Consalvi replied to his father, according to the newspaper.

    So the kid ran out onto the field and evaded security for a while until he was shot in the back with a Tazer by security. Kid falls flat on his face and doesn't move for a good 30 seconds. He was escorted out of the stadium by security under his own power.

    Was this justified by the security staff? I think so. How many times have people run onto the field at games? Plenty of times, but it doesn't make it right. We've had instances where the deranged have made it on the field to attack unsuspecting athletes in an attempt to kill them. In 2002 a Royals first base coach was attacked by two men after they jumped onto the field. In 1993 a crazed fan jumped onto the tennis court and stabbed Monica Seles. Those are the two that jump to mind, but there are many more instances.

    So to put it in a Cowboys sense. What would you want the Cowboys security staff to do if a crazed fan (Cowboys Fan or whoever) was to jump on the field? Especially not immediately knowing their intention to just run around for a bit or to attack a player/coach.

    I would say taze the SOB and ask questions later. Straight up poppin' a cap in him goes too far, but using a tazer would be fine with me. In this day and age running onto the field or acting in a threatening way should not be tolerated especially in such a public setting.
  2. Danny White

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    All Philly fans should be tased.

    Seriously... it might make these idiots think twice about doing it if there was some real physical pain in store for them.
  3. Chief

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    A deputy called into the Rome show today and made some good points. He said the taser is ideal for that type of incident. It's safer for both parties than a tackle and/or scuffle. And it gets the point across.

    Kids got what he deserved.
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    I always liek when the people break out while tased isn't safe they can have a heart attack etc. blah blah

    I am like oh so you rather the officer break out his knight stick and do a strike to the knee, arm or shoulder blade and opps they missed and now you have a torn acl, mcl etc :bang2::bang2::bang2:

    People are idiots if you do stupid things something may happen that hurts. It is simple don't run onto the field during a game
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    I think when streakers or people from the stands run onto the field to be idiots all players should exit the fields and fences should go up around whatever dugouts or sidelines are there. Then, a trap door releases a tiger who hasn't eaten in a day or two.

    I bet that **** doesn't happen EVER again.
  6. Heisenberg

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    It was absolutely justified.
  7. bbgun

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    Let's start with Chase Utley.
  8. Sam I Am

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    This +50
  9. Yeagermeister

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    Turn the smoke monster loose on him next time. :laugh2:
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    YES!!! A roman coliseum gladiator type of thing.

    I want to subscribe to your newsletter good Sir.
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  12. Joe Rod

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    They should have tased him again for good measure and then let it be known that it is standard for what will happen when fans try to get on the field.

    They have no way of knowing what this kid's intentions were or anyone of these field crashers. Look at the guy that stabbed Monica Seles back in the 90s for proof that it isn't always innocent fun.
  13. poke

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  14. Alumni2k11

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    lol, I love these answers. And I agree, it's a Phillies fan so it's always justified :-D
  15. Doomsday101

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    You did not mess with Mad Dog. :D
  16. zrinkill

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    Just Right
  17. CowboyWay

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    I can't believe anyone could be opposed to this type of tasing.

    He knew what he was getting into when he bought the ticket.....I say...let em crash.
  18. Sam I Am

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    "Tase him bro!" :laugh2:
  19. TheCount

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    I hate baseball so I could care less, but if you run onto the field from the crowd, you deserve everything bad that happens to you.

    Your ticket entitles you to a seat, not to act like a bafoon.
  20. bbgun

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    You waive certain rights when you attend a baseball game. If you get hit by a foul ball, you can't sue. If you run out onto the field and purposely evade capture, they can use less than deadly force to bring you down.

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