Philly Blogger Pokes Fun at Possibility of Paul Assassination

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    Philly Blogger Pokes Fun at Possibility of Paul Assassination

    Philadelphia Will Do, a blog included on the Philadelphia Weekly website, pokes fun at an Infowars article penned by Paul Joseph Watson on December 23, warning that the elite may take out Ron Paul, as suggested by investigative reporter and author Daniel Estulin in a radio interview on the Alex Jones program.

    “Basically, Paul has too good a shot at winning the presidency now with his double-digit poll numbers in one state and so the neo-cons are going to knock him off for some reason,” writes D-Mac on the Philly Will Do blog. “Famed assassination victims George Washington and Andrew Jackson are so much like Ron Paul. The George Wallace comparison is a nice touch.”

    The mention of George Wallace is an allusion — gaining at lot of traction as of late in the corporate media and among Democrats and other establishment politicos — that Ron Paul is a racist.

    It should be noted that when George Wallace became a Christian, he apologized to civil rights leaders for his earlier segregationist views. But once a segregationist, always a segregationist, at least according to political orthodoxy and the elite.

    Of course, Wallace’s sin was he ran for president in 1968 as an American Independent Party candidate. In later years, the American Independent Party became the national Constitution Party. Quite naturally, the fact a political party would embrace constitutional values scares the dickens out of our rulers, who prefer the One Party, that is to say the Democrat-Republican configuration currently delivering the nation in a hand basket to the New World Order.

    George Wallace was a threat to the political hegemony of the time — that same arrangement in control of the political landscape today — and that is why an assassination attempt was carried out against him. “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties,” Wallace declared prior to Arthur Bremer’s failed attack. “If I’m elected, one of the first things I’m going to do is tax the Rockefeller Foundation.”

    As it turns out, during an investigation of the Wallace assassination attempt, a lot of unanswered and nagging questions arose. “Of particular concern… was a possible conspiracy in the assassination because of questions surrounding Bremer’s ability to finance his many trips on a busboy salary,” write Timothy W. Maier and James P. Lucier.

    Oddly, although predictably, a 1,520-page Secret Service file, released under a freedom of information request, did not “contain investigative reports, which might answer questions concerning how the Secret Service was able to enter Bremer’s apartment — less than 45 minutes after the shootings — well before the FBI and well before Bremer officially had been identified. And it’s unclear whether those records will be made available.”

    In other words, there is fishy business aplenty surrounding the Wallace assassination attempt, not that we should expect any credible resolution soon, if ever. Our official history, as usual, chalks up the assassination attempt to a deranged loner, same as the official fable connected to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers to this day insists likewise, never mind the deathbed confession of CIA agent E. Howard Hunt in regard to the JFK assassination, or problems with the ballistics and forensics evidence and the distinct possibility that a second gunman was present in the pantry of the hotel when Robert Kennedy was assassinated.

    None of this is mentioned by the Philly Weekly blogger D-Mac, who makes a joke out of the threat against Ron Paul.

    Obviously, it is beyond his intellectual capability to consider the fact the ruling elite consistently takes out dangerous opposition figures. Unfortunately, far too many journalists are like Ambein addicts sleepwalking with the nation toward disaster.
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    Is this America or Pakistan?

    Some people are just plain nuts and this guy from Philly who says the "elite" will bump off Paul is the big Acorn of nuts.

    When will you learn that since the Founding Fathers left Philadelphia, the only good thing to come out of there was the Cheese Steak. And then only if it comes from Geno's, Pat's or Tony Lucs.

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