News: Philly columnist: It's a crime Cowboys have shot at winning the division

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 4, 2012.

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    By Marcus Hayes
    Marcus Hayes The Dallas Morning News
    Philadelphia Daily News (MCT)
    Published: 03 December 2012 08:46 PM

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- After weeks of searching, the Eagles finally found an opponent that cared as little about a football game as them.

    The host Cowboys, in the thick of a pathetic NFC playoff race, did not allow the import of the night's contest to influence their generally listless effort. They won, 38-33; but, really, there were few reasons to be impressed.

    The crime in all of this is that the Cowboys have more than a legitimate shot at winning the NFC East. The Giants stood only two games ahead of them, and the Redskins were tied with them for second place.

    The Cowboys had a chance to save their coach Jason Garrett's job. A chance to make themselves relevant. A chance to make something good of a decent season from Romo, their embattled quarterback.

    Then again, maybe the Cowboys were aware of all of those incentives.

    The Eagles entered with every excuse for playing like zombies.

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    I don't think it was "listless." I think they have some holes due to injuries. The Eagles do, too, but it wasn't a matter of a lack of motivation. They just didn't play well enough.
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    He's partially right...but he leaves out Ratliff, Lee, Carter, Coleman and Church.

    Those guys are in, you don't run the football against Dallas.
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    One of the major flaws of both teams is that they are overly reliant on injury prone players.
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    Ratliff and Austin have been the ones the most dinged up guys the last 2-3 years I forgot to add Murray because he was nicked up in college a lot.

    You realize that carter only missed two starts in his 4 year college career due to an injury the knee injury to end his senior season and it was late (game 10) which is why he was injured and on the PUP in Dallas after being drafted.

    He had no history of being injury prone made up by uninformed people.

    Church was injury prone win in college or at Dallas the last two years.

    The only player to be injured was Lee and even still played last year with a club on his hand.
  6. Double Trouble

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    Lee has been perpetually injured in Dallas. It's obvious why such a talented player fell to the 40s in the draft. He was injured in college and has suffered signifcant injuries every single year since he came to Dallas. He's the poster boy for being injury prone.

    On Carter, major injury in college, misses most of rookie season, season ending injury in 2nd season. He's making a good case for being one of those fragile guys. 2 strikes may not put him in Sean Lee territory, but he's on that road.

    Regardless, the Cowboys are significantly dependent on Murray, Ratliff, Lee, etc and all those guys have a history of being hurt. Genes, bad luck, whatever you want to blame it on, the fact is the games are still going and those guys either aren't on the field, or are playing at way less than 100%.
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    its hard for me to spot listless performances from Dallas because it has been going on for so long now. I will say Dallas would have to improve by significant margin to win this division. Anything can happen.
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    tl/dr. I couldn't concentrate on what the Philly blog-troll had to say b/c the sound of my broom was too distracting:

  9. dfense

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    Two words: Scoreboard and Sweep.:)
  10. Idgit

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    I don't care how bad they are this season, it's nice to sweep the Eagles.

    What's more, that team usually does play better the last month of the year. Maybe we get lucky and they start to get it together and help us out. Andy Reid did call a really nice offensive game against us.
  11. swickp

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    the only thing that is a crime is how the eagles play hey philly colomnist you pissed get over it
  12. dfense

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    76 points in two games has got to be a record against Philly.
  13. Reality

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    My response is simple .. "Sucks to be them!" :D


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