News: Resurgent Cowboys await Eagles after beating Colts in overtime

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    Resurgent Cowboys await Eagles after beating Colts in overtime

    by Ashley Fox

    INDIANAPOLIS - The Dallas Cowboys have not quit. After losing seven of their first eight games, the Cowboys will not be going to the playoffs. Their season is essentially over, but they are not playing like it.

    Want proof? It was scattered all over the turf inside Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday - effort and execution and turnovers and big plays and poise, all of the things you need to win in the National Football League.

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    Thanks Juke but I think the link is not working or maybe it is just me
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    Calling the leverage penalty on the FG "luck" is typical of Cowboys haters, but still the overall tone was one of grudging respect - which is more than we get out of most Dallas papers. "Luck" is getting flagged for celebration when a guy falls down in the end zone, etc etc.

    Losing Dez hurts, but I think every Boys fan is excited to see what the future holds for him, and for the team. Congrats on a great win, and once again we punk one of the Manning brothers! Life is good...

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