PHML "SIM" Madden13 Coach League for PS3

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    PHML - PS3 Madden League Needs Owners!!!​

    The Most Competitive Madden League Online

    We are a Playstation 3 "Sim Style" Madden League.

    We have a solid core of veterans, Also we have a Solid staff group of great guys. ​

    Our XFN Site Features
    •Fully customizable salary cap system. Manage all aspects of your league's salary cap.
    •Trade / Sign and Release Player Console
    •Draft Console
    •FA Bidding Console
    •Player Stats (career and current)
    •Team Stats
    •Weekly Game Recaps
    •Individual Athlete Bios (carreer stats, gamelog splits, player attributes).
    •CMS for admins (Ability to manage web layout, manage league users, send notifications to league members, add new pages, add links to the menu).
    •Team profiles (gamelog splits, team rosters, team schedules, team stats and player stats)
    •Internal messaging between registered users.
    •Player and Team leaders.
    •Power Rankings.
    •Game of the Week.
    •Team Head 2 Head match up.
    •Playoff Race.
    Upcoming Features
    •Ability for league members to sync their weekly game.
    •Statistical Records
    •Probowl Teams
    So if you are interested in joining our league,Please go to our forums on MSL you must Register before you can view or post on the forums, After you have Registered Go to PHML Forums and Read Our Rules then Sign-up.
    You will be Contact Via Aim Or Cell by our Staff after you've signed up.
    We are a Very Active,Competitive,& Fun Madden League.
    If you have any questions feel free to contact me!!!


    Commissioner Aaron13Pgh
    Forum URL:
    AIM: Aaron33183318
    Twitter: @PHML13MaddenLG

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