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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by hairic, Oct 8, 2013.

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    It seems like Romo would have seen the MLB shading back towards Escobar so he would have known that the center field where Murray was would be empty. I do agree that if Escobar stays on the 23 the pick probably doesn't happen because of body position, but Romo had a choice for about 3yards less, which would have been made up in the YAC, he had a wide open Murray, or push it to the side of the field that had 3 defenders able to close on the ball and carrier. I would think you all would rather see Murray with the ball in space, than Escobar in a 3 on one situation.

    It seems like a bad decision. Not the only thing that cost you the game, but one that wasn't going to lead to winning the game either.
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    It took longer to read your theory than Romo had time to decide.
    And the first thing you say is if Escobar does what he is supposed to do the pick doesn't happen.

    Get real.
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    No, right at the snap the LB is clearing out of the middle. Romo could see that and decide immediately to throw to Murray for at least a 10 yard gain and Murray with the ball in open field is a good thing in any game situation for your team.

    Look at the 1st 5 frames. Before Romo calls for the ball, the LB is starting to move away from the middle, use the Ref as a reference point. I'm not saying that the choice to go to Escobar was wrong in and of itself, but when combined with the choice to go to Murray in the open, it can be said to be the worse of the two options.
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    I highly doubt Murray gets a 10 yard gain. More likely 5 or 6 yards. Defenders close fast. There was a safety spying on him, and Trevathon would have peeled off Escobar as well. Murray isn't all that quick at getting the ball, turning, and starting forward either. It's probably a 6 or 7 yard difference in going to Murray or going to Escobar. I'll take 3rd and 3 or 4 over 3rd and 10 any day and twice on Sundays. Murray may have been the "safer" play, but I think 3rd and 3 is much safer than 3rd and 10, and don't think going to Escobar was all that risky. If Romo is able to step into the throw normally, none of this is being talked about.
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    Ok. I tend to think Escobar could have blocked the MLB and the safety is Murray's responsibility to make him miss. But hindsight really doesn't matter in this instance.

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