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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Jan 14, 2010.

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    I have a jpg image that is 1.19 mb and is 2400 x 3600. Can I put that on a zip drive and have it printed out in a 8x10 or 16x20 without losing the definition or would it be all pixilated?
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    I think it will look fine at 8x10. On some of our publication images for our research we print them out at 300 dpi. In your case, 300 dpi would correspond to an 8x12 picture. Should still be fine at 16x20 I would assume. You could go to walmart and get a cheap print and that would give you a good idea as to whether you see any pixelation.
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    2400x3600 printed at 300dpi would be 8 x 12 in. So that size is perfect for 8x10s. Now, you will want to crop it to remove the extra 2 inches. You don't want to leave that in the hands of the photo developers. You could lose something important. Final size would be 2400 x 3000.

    Now, going up in size 16x20 is pushing it. It'll look good at a distance but up close it'll look "splotchy"...not pixelated. Edges will looked smeared because you'll have to turn 1 pixel into 2 etc. There are upscaling software genuine fractals that will turn that photo into a large enough image for 16x20s.
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    Walmart only goes up to 8x10 in store. Poster prints (walmart, walgreens) are send out.
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    Try a high end shop like Wolf Cameras they generally can do more stuff
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    try asking in this thread.
    he's doing a photo a day again this year so will probably be back on with updates again, might take a while but you'll probably get a definitive answer

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