Pic: Troy Aikman and Lavar Arrington

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. WoodysGirl

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  3. Bill Wooten

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    One is still relevant. One not so much.
  4. StevenOtero

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    With today's rules

    15 yard penalty!

    Sissy league
  5. rockj7

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    Lavar I guess a hair cut is hard to come by when your a washed up never lived up to expectation football player.
  6. utrunner07

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    man, it is amazing how irrelevant and pathetic this franchise has become since Troy's days.
  7. Shiloht88

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    We may not be great but the Cowboys are always relevant.
  8. jumanji

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    He was a monster at penn st and had a good first year. Not sure what happened after that....just flat lined...

    You can find people with talent but finding someone with talent willing to put in the hard work is extremely difficult.
  9. rynochop

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    Could you imagine if that was Tom Brady? Dude would probably get a suspension.
  10. dffl11

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    I got to meet Lavar and even hang out and watch football with him, back when his little brother went to the school where i coached Football and when Lavar was always coming to our games to watch Shawne play.....and from an enemy team or not - Lavar is nothing but class and a solid dude, period! great picture.....great guy!
  11. DCBoysfan

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    LaVar runs a nice football camp for kids now.
  12. Hook'em#11

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    And the man that basically his whole career was based on that one hit. For, he accomplished little to NOTHING afterward in the NFL.
  13. ilovejerry

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    Different time, different game. I love Troy, but its been a new era for awhile now.
  14. jrumann59

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    Lavar was given carte blanch by most of DC he played for. He free lanced and got by on talent alone. So the rumors go.
  15. InmanRoshi

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    One of the most misused players of my lifetime. He was born to play in a 3-4 playing upfied, but was used for most of his career in a 4-3 chasing sideline to sideline . The only time he was really utilized was the year Schottenheimer let him rush the passer in nickel 4 man lines and he had 11 sacks that year.

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