Pittdawg - any minicamp tidbits?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ljs44, Jun 7, 2006.

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    More of what Pittdawg was saying...just the nagging that you don't want to hear.

    Other than that I kid around with my mom sometimes telling her..."Hold your tongue woman"

    She then ups the ante but pulling out a skillet :laugh1:
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    I wish. My mom always starts eyeing the knife block when I "act up;" she pretty much knows I can block a frying pan.
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    Thanks for your reports pittdawg! I appreciate reading this stuff......I am pulling for Rob big time!
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    Sounds like Rob is doing a good job getting his body in great shape. As Cowboy fans we're all rooting for him to do well. Now he has to work on learning to hold without getting flagged.:laugh1: I would recommend Rob get out some film of Jon Runyan playing Mike Strahan. Strahan gave Rob some problems last year (not surprising) but his added strength should help him on the bull rush he used effectively. Runyan's about Rob's size and he's had a nice career. Strahan has had some great battles with him over the years- usually Mike's doing a lot of talking and whining to the refs and Jon's just quietly trying to bury him into the ground whenever he can. Maybe Rob could pick something up there. I'm sure he watches film of course- just a thought.

    I'm also interested to hear you say Rob is improving his footwork. If so that could be huge for him especially against the quicker guys like Leonard Little that are good at getting the tackle leaning one way and then going the other. I know Rob was playing on a bum ankle in the SL game but Little seemed to consistently have Rob off balance. Again best wishes to Rob and as always thanks for the info.
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    I doubt she'd hit you. No sense in ruining a good skillet :D
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    No doubt Rob P. is going to be one of the major keys to the O-Line and maybe the team's success as a whole this year. Larry Allen, Flozell and Erik Williams all had their share of problems as rookies. Sometimes one tends to forget those things and just blast a player regardless of the situation. His injury wasn't well known but couldn't have helped his progress last year either.

    Very glad to hear he's stronger, faster and has worked hard to learn the position better for the upcoming season. I have a feeling he's going to prove all doubters wrong this year.:thumbup:
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    Oh yeah, that classifies as "afraid" :)

    He'd rather face Strahan than have to get that "mom" look we all know so well.


    Hey...kidding aside, let him know we are all rooting for him and that we're damn proud he's working so hard.
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    I'll give ya my simple answer....

    My mom is Sicilian.

    'nuff said.
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    I wish we got these kinds of reports from other lineman, and especially those that have been busts.

    I'd be willing to bet that if they worked their butts off as hard as Rob and had the same kind of father role, they wouldn't have been busts. He seems like the kind of player/personality you'd love to have at every position. If Rob stays healthy, he'll be a pro-bowl caliber RT and mauler for years to come, IMO.

    The drafting crew really struck gold here.
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    I don't know about Pro Bowl- but being a solid starter is pretty good.
    Mickey in his short shots yesterday was calling both Kosier and Fabini salty vets - and nothing else.
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    In my house, Mom was always the soft touch... but you didn't play with Dad... suffice it to say he was an ex-drill sergeant (among other job descriptions in his 20 year Army career)...

    Now, I'm not saying he was abusive or anything, he was a good Dad... in fact, he often warned you that you'd crossed over a line, saying:

    "Boy, you want to watch that mouth-- before it swells up on ya... "

    Subtle, but effective... LOL...

    I also heard him come up with one of the funniest lines I ever heard in response to some drunk he wanted to fight him:

    "Son, I've whipped better men than you just to GET to a good fight"...

    The drunk in question looked at Dad confused for a minute, then busted out laughing...

    I can admit that I have on occasion ripped off both lines... :rolleyes:
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    OMG that's freakin' great.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to add that to my sig. :D
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    From what little I know of you I'm sure Poppa Bear used that line daily ;)
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    Does he live down here year round now? How's he like the area? Is he sportin a big belt buckle and a cowboy hat yet?
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    Somewhere up in heaven, Dad is smiling...
  17. silverbear

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    LOL... I'll get you for that...

    Another one he'd use on me with some regularity was "I don't know how somebody so very smart could be so utterly lacking in common sense"... this was always accompanied with a bemused shake of the head...

    Yeah, I heard that one a lot...

    BTW, my Dad wasn't all talk, he had a colorful record for fighting as a young man in Hagerstown, Maryland... he told a story about getting thrown out of a basketball game, Hagerstown High versus Saint Maria Goretti, for gettin' in a brawl, then getting expelled from school for that brawl (it was apparently a pretty ugly fight), then going across town to enroll at St. Maria, and playing against Hagerstown High in the rematch...

    And a short time after he turned 18, he got into a bar brawl, and the judge gave him the choice between a stretch in jail or joining the Army... they did that kind of thing back then... obviously, Dad chose the Army, and actually lasted 20 years in there...

    He came by it honestly, my granddad Samuel, known to everybody as Red, was a semi-legendary bar brawler in Hagerstown back around the time of WWII...

    It's a wonder I've turned out to be such a mild-mannered, non-confrontational sort...

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    Yeah, judging by some of the posts I have seen by you :eek: ;)
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  20. Rack Bauer

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    You've taken their art and modernized it. Instead of slapping people around in bars you cyber-slap them at cowboys message boards. :D

    A**kicking in the 21st century. lol

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