Play calling under Parcell's vice Garrett?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by vaturkey, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Is it just me, or did Parcell's throw the ball early in a game to get the lead and then go to a running game later in the game after the defenses were wore down?

    Seem's like when this team was at its best during the early Romo years was when that was the case.

    If the above is true, why aren't we doing the same thing now instead of relying on a inconsistent running game trying to run into a fresh defense with a substandard line.

    Enlighten me, because I'm thinking there is a huge difference in how Parcell's called a game versus the red headed genius.
  2. Frozen700

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    At times BP did do this. Even with Carter at QB. We made the playoffs.

    I hate this, try to be balanced out of the gate crap, even though our running game is crap.
  3. Iago33

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    Parcells ran the ball in all 4 quarters more than Garrett, I believe.
  4. Frozen700

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    Parcells made you respect the run and the pass, due to play action, and flea flickers
  5. jday

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    Two reasons:

    1. The Cowboys have not been able to run effectively.

    2. The Cowboys have been getting down by more than 1 score early in games, forcing them to pass and try and catch up.
  6. Crown Royal

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    The gripe with Parcells was always too conservative, too much I-Formation or the QB under center. It was felt that he was trying too much to be a ball control and punt or careful offense.

    There was one or two games where I think it was either Romo or Bledsoe where we got a little behind or couldn't run and he decided to try to throw the ball and the QB got obliterated. Parcells came out in the presser and basically said "THAT is why we have been so careful on offense. Everyone wanted us to throw it more, well, this is what happens."

    We now have the polar opposite with Garrett and have since about 2008. He talks about balance and wanting to run the ball, and while he will try early in many games, a combination of our lack of effectiveness and getting behind leads us to reverting to shotgun and slinging.
  7. theebs

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    Love to see the breakdown of who was calling plays in Dallas from 03-06

    Go ahead and try.
  8. HoustonFrog

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    Garrett's offense reminds me of Ernie Zampese's during the 96 and 97 seasons when basically he did nothing but run draw plays up the middle when in doubt. We used to have a running joke around the house that if it was 3rd and mid distance you could see the draw play right up the gut coming.
  9. Crown Royal

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    I can only remember year-by-year output of the offense.

    2003 - Simplified, ball control offense with onus on the defense to win the game and play around what Carter could and could not do. Effective against crap opponents but with Troy Hambrick as your starting RB, Carter as your QB we just weren't doing things.

    2004 - Vinnie Testaverde, get rid of Antonio Brown for some Cleveland scrub midway through the season, Eddie George, Rob Pettitti and Torrin tucker. WE were done before we started, but we did try to pass more.

    2005 - Decent year, we could somewhat confidently move the ball but Bledsoe got to where he just forced it to Glenn.

    2006 - Fed up with Bledsoe we switch to Romo who brings a fresh approach to the game. This along with MBIII and using TO the right way gave us a late season ability to move the ball and score points.

    Put another way, if you exclude the disaster that was 2004, the offense really did improve in each season. I do think in some ways 2004 was unavoidable though; we had a tougher schedule and had to get rid of some truely awful stuff from the 2003 squad.
  10. theebs

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    That's a semi synopsis of the team.

    I was referring to who was calling plays. It's almost impossible to know who was doing what on that staff. Guys were on notice and positions and responsibilities were changing all the time.

    Compare that with since he has left.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    He made a point of saying you don't give up on the run just because it doesn't go well early. Which is the exact opposite of Garrett.
  12. Crown Royal

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    I know. I don't think there were many times, season to season, where offensive personnel wasn't significantly churned either at the coaching level or the player level. I just know that in looking at results, it continuously got better each year.

    I would say on the other hand, offensive output has generally worsened under Garrett.

    Put another way, if you look at offensive performance between 2003 - 2012, it is almost a pyramid in output, with 2007 being the peak.
  13. Crown Royal

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    Very good point. Garrett has long been the Sexy Rexy of offensive coordinators. Let's try to ru-


    Going deep.
  14. theebs

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    The offense had every excuse to be bad in 04, but it really wasn't terrible.

    After the season parcells fired the coordinator, a personal friend. Maurice carthon.

    And as parcells said and babe always quotes.

    You may not be responsible but you will be held accountable.

    To bad this isn't true now.
  15. Crown Royal

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    I never knew about that quote. So on point. And that, to me, is the problem with having a coach/coordinator. It's the fundamental part of delegation. Garrett has himself in a corner; he is responsible for both the Offense and the Team as a whole. There is no one accountable as a coach to the offense but himself. The only person who could get a finger pointed at is Rob Ryan and, while the Washington game was a stinker, that hasn't started yet.

    Delegate it, make someone who is quality responsible and manage the entire team. Dear God why is that so hard?
  16. DBOY3141

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    Very good point. No accountability at The Ranch.
  17. rickjameschinaclub

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    Garrett was under Zampese more than he was with Norv and he also spent a year with Coslett, who was even worse than Zampese. How anybody calls JG a Norv disciple is beyond me...
  18. Wolfpack

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    This. Red did that this year in only the 1st NY game and he wore that DL out when they needed to make a play. Thats the sort of stuff that I dont think he really gets.
  19. wileedog

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    Actually I'm fairly certain Parcells called everything in 2002-2004, then turned over play calling duties (albeit with a tight leash) to Payton in 2005. I remember it was a big deal because in Parcell's whole career he had rarely relinquished play calling duties.
  20. theebs

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    That was my point, it was up ad down with who was building The gameplan's, if bill was the one calling plays etc.

    There were a lot of assitants and titles. Carthon with the running game, Payton the passing game, sporano the line....

    Still not even sure if carthon left for a promotion in Cleveland or if he was let go?

    Assistants were never allowed to talk.

    The good old days.

    This all happened because Dan henning could not get out of his panthers deal to Come here.

    Always will wonder what 03 would have been like had Delhomme and henning been here.

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