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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by aikemirv, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. aikemirv

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    Polls on Dallas Cowboys website as to what was the key play of the game.

    Craytons TD
    Glenn's TD
    Roys INt
    Vandy's 50 Yarder

    I voted for Craytons TD because at that point in the game for me it was like dejavue from last year where we had multiple opportunities in the first half and could not put it in the end zone.

    We ended up losing that game and a few others like Seattle because of our inabilty to convert those into TD's

    After T.O.'s drop on the first sequence that play was huge and it was a hard throw to a guy less than 10 yards away in very tight coverage.
  2. Paniolo22

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    I vote for Roy's hit on 3rd and 1. It set the defensive tone for the game and stopped yet another skins drive.
  3. Bull Frog

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    I voted for Roy's interception. That play took the momentum back which ended up being a possilbe 14 point swing.
  4. Martice

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    ROY Williams
  5. AbeBeta

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    that was huge. when you take a big back and knock him backwards you let the opponent know just who is playing smashmouth
  6. cc cowboy

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    Roy's Int .... it took points away from the 'Skins
  7. DragonCowboy

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    I agree.
  8. zrinkill

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    Vandy's kick made me feel like the game was over.
  9. JohnsKey19

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    Roy's INT, no doubt about it.

    Not only did he make the INT but he also saved a TD because Cooley had actually gotten into position to catch the ball over Glenn. If Roy doesn't show up there, Cooley likely makes the catch and grabs all the momentum for the Skins....
  10. Doomsday101

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    Tough question. Roy int was big but the 99 yard drive capped off by Bledsoe to Glenn was just as big. My fear at the time was we stopped the skins but being stuck on our own 1 yard line would be hard to overcome. I admit I was hoping we would just get out of that hole to allow our punter some room.
  11. theebs

    theebs Believe!!!!

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    I have a different play, Barbers 4th and goal touchdown. I think that will do alot for the confidence of this team down the stretch.
  12. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

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    I would have to say it was a combination of Drew Bledsoe hitting Terry Glenn on that post pattern.
  13. aikemirv

    aikemirv Well-Known Member

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    Well, I guess since we let them hang around so long there were a few plays that really kept the game in our hands last night.
  14. tyke1doe

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    Roy's INT.

    The Skins score, and we're dealing/fighting with the Ghost of Christmas, er, September's past.
  15. CalCBFan

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    I vote for RW's int (kept them from tying the game) PLUS Glenn's FANTASTIC BLOCK on Barber's 20+ yard sweep as we moved down for the score. Whitten (I think) also had a great block, but a guy his size you'd expect him to block. IMHO TG is becoming the best player on this team. He produces!...
  16. PullMyFinger

    PullMyFinger Old Fashioned

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    Roy's INT was the turning point of the game, shifted the "Mo" back to us.
  17. ZeroClub

    ZeroClub just trying to get better

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    Roy's interception.
  18. pancakeman

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    Is there video out there of this play?
  19. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    I have not seen a replay of it but on the play Glenn block took out 2 redskin defenders and allowed Barber to get the extra yards.

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