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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by lkelly, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. lkelly

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    This isn't the sexy pick of a WR, CB, or DE, but one guy I'd like to see Dallas draft is Elton Brown the OG from UVA. (For the record, that's 5 acronyms in one sentence.) If they could nab him after a trade down of 5-10 spots from pick #20, getting a third rounder and perhaps a 5th in the process, I'd be delighted. I'm not giving up on Peterman or Rogers, but I think a stud OL that has proven run blocking skills might really help this offense. Line him up on the right side from day one, and it also gives you a potential Larry Allen replacement in at most a year. I can't see Larry hanging on much longer than that.

    Just a thought as people salivate over other positions. If anything, that pick would scream Bill Parcells.
  2. AsthmaField

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    Not a bad idea... I also really like Baas from Michigan. He's a great run blocker as well. He'd be real good value late in the 1st or early second.
  3. ghst187

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    Baas is the man...
    Sam Mayes from Ok St would be a pretty good one too.
  4. nathanlt

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    Elton Brown seems like his negatives will be a big problem with Parcells. David Baas definitely holds the edge when considering both positives and negatives. The guard from Ok State looks like a good pick in the later rounds, maybe round 4 or so.
  5. lkelly

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    What are Elton Brown's "negatives?"
  6. jterrell

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    I dont see OG as a round 1 possibility.

    If we trade down into round 2 or add a round 3 pick a guard mght make sense.

    I expect Peterman to duplicate Al Johnson's sophomore year by moving into the starting lineup and playing quite solidly.
  7. ghettogandhi

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    Here are a couple:

    He s a basketball player
    He s kinda soft and marshmalo'e
    he s a basketball player- although a pretty good one

    I d look at him in the second
  8. nathanlt

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    Here's the NFLdraftcountdown analysis.

    Strengths: Great size and a huge frame...Excellent mobility for a man his size...Team leader and captain...Good strength and power...A downright dominator at times and a monster in the running game...Has been a starter since his true freshman season...Still has a lot of upside and keeps getting better.
    Weaknesses: Doesn't always play up to his potential...Lacks consistency and won't be able to get away with giving less than maximum effort in the pros...Has had some small, nagging injuries throughout his career...Can still improve in pass protection...Technique needs work.
    Notes: A player who is still improving and was a monster in 2004...Has the physical tools to be special and won't last long come Draft Day...One of, if not the, top guards in the Draft.

    It's just a red flag to me when you have someone who doesn't play up to his potential. The comment implying that he gives less than maximum effort is troubling. Now, I'm not a scout and have never seen the guy play, I only read what others say VERY closely. It's just an opinion.
  9. trickblue

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    From The Huddle Report:

    This kid is a very large human being, but do not be fooled - he is also a hell of a football player with excellent athletic talent. Elton is very powerful in the run game and has very good technique in the passing game. He is quick out of his stance and has excellent balance. Elton uses his hands well and is athletic enough to be used in a pull-trap scheme.

    Needs to Improve:
    Elton must remember never to allow any coaches to move him to the tackle position. He also must watch his weight. He could eat himself out of a position and a lot of money.

    Bottom Line:
    Elton should be a Pro Bowl guard in the NFL and a core player for the team that drafts him. He is as big as a ship and as powerful as the tugboats used to dock them. He likes to be the block that sets a running back free for a big gain. He takes great pride in his play and has fun out on the field. Elton looks like he is a very good teammate. I think the more you rely on Elton in your offensive blocking scheme, the more he likes it. Believe me when I say this: the kid has 1st round talent. It is possible that he could drop to the 2nd round, but if he does, I’ll be surprised. He is Elton ‘Tug Boat’ Brown. He is powerful, smart, athletic, big and has Pro Bowl written all over him.
  10. Derinyar

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    If we move down out of the first round with pick 20, I hope its not for the sake of a 3rd this year. It had better be for something like we did last year, a high 2nd, a 1st next year and something in day 2.

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