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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Sep 13, 2006.

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    The majority of us on this board know this team top to bottom, and understand their strengths and weaknesses on the filed. The question I have though, is what kind of guys are we cheering for?

    DeMarcus Ware strikes me as a very humble guy. Roy Williams seems like a completely different person off the field than he is on the field. We all know about T.O. But what about guys like Terry Glenn? Flozel? JuJo? Crayton? Newman? Henry? Witten? etc. etc.

    Does anyone have any stories where they've spoken with players? Accounts they've read for articles? Who are the nice guys that wear the star, and who are the a-holes? This thread is my attempt to figure that out.
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    I think part of the problem is that we don't have enough A-holes to give us a little frickin attitude...especially on defense.
  3. Chief

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    This is a really good topic.

    Chad Hennings made reference to this earlier today ... about how the early 1990s Cowboys had all different types of leaders.

    I think the personalities and the locker room dynamics are very important for the success of a team.

    Many of the Cowboys books delve into this subject with some great anecdotes. It's the personalities and stories behind the games and the plays that make it so interesting to me.

    While I've met a lot of the former players, I haven't been around hardly any of these current players. I was on a flight with Ellis and talked to him at camp one year and the guy made a great impression on me. Same with Nguyen.

    I am, however, a little concerned over the overwhelming niceness -- for lack of a better word -- that the defense has. There are a lot of guys on the defense who are very respectful and polite ... guys like Ellis, Roy, Henry, Ware, etc.

    Dallas used to have a guy like that in Russell Maryland, but he was balanced out by some guys who were cocky and a little bit nasty (Haley, Gant, etc.). Perhaps, Bradie James and Marcus Spears can fill that role ... guys like that.

    In a weird kind of way, Terrell Owens' personality could almost be a good thing for this team. With no Jimmy Johnson, Deion Sanders or Michael Irvin around, this team needed a guy who walks into the stadium expecting to make the other team look foolish.

    Good topic, because it takes all kinds and I think Dallas may be missing some ingredients.

    I'd like to get Dale's take on this.
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    In that regard I kind of like Owens. None of the players have that swagger Thei all lunch pale, get the job done kind of guys. Sometimes it seems like they are satisfied with a job before its finished.
  5. Tennione72

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    I've been saying the same thing since we signed the guy his swagger needs to rub off on the whole team especially the Offense. Did you guys see him on the sideline trying to pump the team up
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    This thread just makes me laugh at alot of my fellow cowboy fans. Because half of yall did not even want owens, now hes "good for the team".:lmao2:

    Patriots had one "ahole" on their defense and that was rodney harrison. Everybody else was pretty average acting.
  7. The30YardSlant

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    I think the problem with our defense is we dont have any guys who are truely old school bad***es.
  8. stilltheguru

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    roy? Besides him apologizing to

    Other than that roy will knock you out without giving a crap.
  9. Boyzmamacita

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    I saw that. The problem is, he was the only one doing it. Somebody posted that Fabini even rolled his eyes as if to say "shut up." If so, that's a shame. If these guys can maintain intensity for 4 quarters, it would truly make a difference in the outcome of these games.
  10. Chief

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    Irvin used to walk up and down the bench area, ranting and raving.

    There are always going to be a Fabini or two in the group, but some of the players, probably the younger ones, would respond positively to that.

    I thought it was good to see Owens doing that.
  11. Tass

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    It depends. Sometimes you can tell if a guy is sincere or just performing for the cameras. When Irvin did it, sometimes he just talked to thin air! You know he meant it. Maybe some guys feel Owens' pump-ups are fake or showy.
  12. Tass

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    I am hoping Carpenter will be an attitude-haver...he has to be on the field first, though. *sigh*
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    A football team like any other group of 53 people are going to come with vastly different personalities how the HC and the players themselves make it mesh together goes a long way in terms of team unity which in my opinion goes a long way in creating team success

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