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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chuck 54, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Who determines value? Mayoc, Kiper, mcshay, ourlads?

    The coaches running their schemes know what they value; the scouts rate players by what they are told by the coaches to value.

    Go back to DeMarcus Ware. If Kiper and the public guys who evaluate for selling mags instead of working for teams had put Ware as the 5th or 6th best DE, which would still be pretty good, elevating him based on his workouts and 40, lowering him for playing at a lower division of football, fans would have gone ballistic when he was drafted in the first round over a few higher rated guys from the SEC.

    Fans would have read his stats and freaked out that we were reaching based on speed alone and trying to convert a small school prospect from DE to OLB.

    How many of you remember how many sacks Ware had as a senior playing in an inferior conference that a beast should have dominated every game?

    Even in rounds 1 and 2, teams were choosing pass rushers, DBs, and receivers who were rated quite a bit below others. But when our coaches do that, we think they're idiots.

    I have every Kiper Draft Report since 1990; he's my favorite, but surely we've watched the draft long enough to learn that teams and scouts and coaches do their own evaluations, and they value players based on their own systems, and they don't care how the "experts" who try to keep up for selling products to fans think.

    I'm excited about our draft though only Crawford and Hanna were on any of my late round wish lists...the positions selected are right's the fact that we chose players fans had to research instead of players we were working our own boards for that bothers us.

    This happens with every team, and it's why we end up with some players who don't make the roster and other guys like Everson Walls and Drew Pearson, Leon Lett and Brock Marion, Tony Romo and Miles Austin make us smile.

    Imagine the uproar had we drafted Tony Romo in the 4th round when he wasn't rated as a draft able QB by our favorite draft sites, and when we already had QB's and had other needs. At the time fans would have thought it insane since he was an UDFA possibility, but a few years later we would have been proud that our coaches saw it more clearly.

    This draft just may be looked back on as a huge move that turned our defense around and gave Romo some key targets.

    BTW...Ware had only 6 sacks during his senior season at Troy. He still turned out pretty well.
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    Damn, I was going to answer it! :laugh1:
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    Sorry...I couldn't wait....(that's what she said")

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