News: PlayerPress: Will Jason Garrett last as Cowboys Coach?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Written by Nolan Thomas, Tuesday November 09 2010

    With the Cowboys firing Wade Phillips and announcing that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will be the interim coach, with interim being the key word, will he last once the season is over?

    Unless the Cowboys somehow magically turn the season around and win all of their remaining games, it is probably very unlikely that Garrett will be the head coach next season.

    Sure, we all know that Garrett was the highest paid assistant coach in the NFL and that he was being groomed to take over as the Cowboys head coach one day. However, that day was not meant to be now.

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    I disagree, Garrett is going to be our coach next year at least. I also believe that if he gets the right coaches under him (including an OC) he will be the coach of the Dallas Cowboys for a long time. I really think Garrett will be a very good head coach in a traditional set up. The only question is, will he allow someone else to make the offensive play calls. Regardless I believe he'll be our head coach next year for sure.
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    Garrett will be our coach for a long time
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    I hope so.
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    I hope so as well... a solid, young, SMART, decisive guy like JG.
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    You can add 1 more to that list.

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