Recommended Players from Cowboys Draft Board on NFL Practice Squads

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    I compared the list of NFL practice squad players along with the Cowboys draft board from BTB (link below) and then added quick pre-draft scouting from

    There are only 3 players from the Cowboys Draft Board on current practice squads. After a bit of research, it seems that there were log-jams at their positions during roster cut-downs and then added to the practice squads.

    I'm not saying we should raid other teams practice squads just yet, as they would have to be signed to the 53. Just thought I'd throw this out there with the Will Allen Cut and the unknowns with Ratliff's injury etc.

    What are your thoughts/knowledge on these players? Could any be situational players? Perhaps groomed throughout the season? Special Teams? etc. etc.?

    Throwing it out for discussion....

    DT Everett Dawkins (Vikings practice squad) - 3rd round on Cowboys draft board - Drafted by the Vikings in the 7th

    Quick, penetrating defensive tackle with an explosive first step. Good hustle as a pass rusher, trying to shed even when his initial move doesn’t work. Low center of gravity helps him get under the pads of blockers to push them into the backfield. His quick feet give him the first step to be effective and the agility to burst past his man and adjust to mobile quarterbacks trying to avoid him within the pocket. Slippery, and has a nice inside swim and outside rip move. Active in pursuit from the backside. Feels pressure well, and re-directs when his initial stunt takes him away from the ball.

    Plays a bit out of control at times, getting into the body of his opponent and getting taken out of plays, or ending up on the ground when trying to out-quick his man. Does not have elite size or strength to get through better linemen once they are anchored – which could also cause him issues standing up to NFL offensive linemen on a down-by-down basis as a starter. Poor pad level prevents him from being able to get under offensive lineman’s pads. Does a good job re-directing with his spin move, but gets overly reliant on it once its successful. Gets overpowered often at the point of attack and pad level causes him to struggle against base blocks and double teams.

    WR Tavarres King (Broncos practice squad) 6th round on Cowboys draft board - Drafted by the Broncos in the 5th

    Possesses the quickness off the line that helps him shake off press and fly by cornerbacks playing off-coverage. As a vertical threat, he can track the ball over either shoulder and grab the ball with his hands near his head. He also has elusiveness after the catch to free himself after a hitch route. The work on his upper body has paid off, as he can play through physical corners to get inside position when needed. Extremely fluid route runner, plays with tremendous balance and body control.

    Doesn't have ideal bulk. Dropped passes have been an issue for King during his career, and he doesn’t always find the ball in the air or go up to high-point passes downfield. Though he is quick and elusive, he’ll out-juke himself trying to make defenders miss in the open field. While is capable of making a block outside on quick screens, King also doesn’t offer consistent physicality.

    SS Keelan Johnson (Eagles practice squad) 5th round on Cowboys draft board - UFA by the dolphins, amongst the roster cuts and picked up by Eagles.

    In 2008, Johnson took a redshirt, and spent the year playing with the scout team. The following year, he played in all 12 games, and had one start. He had 11 tackles on the year. Prior to the 2010 campaign, Johnson earned the Hard Hat player recognition for his work in ASU's offseason strength and conditioning program. On the year, he had two starts, 22 tackles, and one interception. In 2011, Johnson played in all 13 games and had three starts. He tallied 48 tackles, 1 sack, and two interceptions on the year. In his redshirt senior year, Johnson finished second on the team with 88 total tackles, and led the team with five interceptions and 13 passes defensed. He was an All-Pac 12 honorable mention.

    Draft board courtesy of

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    Great post. And nice research and work here.

    Obviously, I'm most intrigued by Dawkins. He was graded as a 3rd rounder, he fills our biggest need, he was drafted, and he really is probably on the practice squad because the Vikings have some pretty good d-linemen ahead of him. Interesting... very interesting, indeed.
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    Very nice info, SS Keelan Johnson would fit a need of the team now, and seems like he would be worth signing. Everett Dawkins was graded a third round pick so the Cowboys had interest. The question is Everett Dawkins better than any of the DL we have now. I could see the Cowboys having interest in both players. Thanks for info and post they made very good reading material.
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    Nice post.
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    i kind of think we need some vets that don't need too much learning on the Dline.
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    Wow, really cool post. I wonder how close we actually do look at stuff like this. I like the idea
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    Will Allen's release would create an opening for SS Keelan Johnson .
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    If he was listed as a third round choice on our board, then I wonder why we have signed other players several times over at defensive tackle.
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    Nice post, great research. Dawkins would be ideal & I liked King before the draft.Johnson I'm not impressed with I'd rather bring Jakar Hamilton off of ps
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    Great work!
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    And I was thinking it would be Dawkins. Either would help this team.
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    Dallas has already passed on Dawkins at least once. From what I gather he's been absolutely terrible in the NFL, even getting passed up by a former college teammate who was an UDFA.

    Could you imagine spending a 3rd rounder on that guy? We talk about the inability to find and draft offensive lineman, but the scouting department is apparently questionable at scouting defensive tackles as well (Dawkins, Floyd at #5 overall -- a competent NFL scout knows what a Tampa 2 tackle looks like).

    EDIT: As as an aside, some of the late-round OL on the Dallas draft board have stuck with their respective teams and are apparently doing well for late picks.
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    Tyler Wilson QB (Raiders Practice Squad) - 5th round on Cowboys Board - drafted 4th round by the Raiders

    Cobi Hamilton WR (Bengals Practice Squad) - 5th round Cowboys Board - drafted 6th round by the Bengals

    Reid Fragel OT (Bengals Practice Squad) - 5th round Cowboys Board - drafted 7th round by the Bengals

    Cody Davis S (Rams Practice Squad) - 7th round Cowboys Board - UDFA by the Rams
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    To me this post exemplifies the reason we are struggling to be anything more than an 8-8 team. The front office can not assess and draft enough talent. Seriously, who in their right minds put a 3rd round grade on an undersized DT who isn't much of an athlete?
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    They grade other teams tape on them and they liked the other guys better. Nevis as an example had a much better preseason.
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    He fits in size wise and athletically with all the other 4-3 type DTs. Kiffin/Marinelli aren't concerned with size as much as pass rush ability. Here are the DTs on their board and how they had them ranked. No board is ever going to be perfect with the draft or never miss. Their board so far has held up well with how many made 53 man rosters.

    1st Sharrif Floyd 6-3 297 4.92 40yd 30" vj 106" bj 7.40 3 cone 4.75 20yd shuttle 31 3/4 arms
    1st Sheldon Richardson 6-2 294 5.02 40yd 32" vj 116" bj 34 1/2 arms
    1st Star Lotulelei 6-2 311 33 5/8 arms
    2nd Brandon Short 6-3 299 34 3/4 arms
    1st (2nd grade) Sylvester Williams 6-3 313 5.03 40yd 26.5" vj 102" bj 7.93 3 cone 4.80 20 yd shuttle 33 1/2 arms
    2nd (3rd grade) Bennie Logan 6-2 309 25" vj 104" bj 7.53 3 cone 4.67 20 yd shuttle 34 arms
    3rd Jordan Hill 6-1 303 5.23 40yd 22.5" vj 103" bj 7.49 3 cone 4.51 20 yd shuttle 33 1/2 arms
    7th (3rd grade) Everette Dawkins 6-2 292 5.06 40yd 30" vj 103" bj 7.61 3 cone 4.88 20 yd shuttle 32 3/4 arms
    4th (5th grade) Akeem Spence 6-1 307 5.15 40yd 30" vj 107" bj 7.82 3 cone 4.72 20 yd shuttle 33 1/2 arms
    5th Josh Boyd 6-3 310 5.14 40yd 26.5" vj 104" bj 7.16 3 cone 4.64 20 yd shuttle 32 arms
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    Having a 3rd round grade on a guy who can't even make it on an NFL roster is a problem. I understand the draft is unpredictable and there will always be mistakes, but these mistakes happen WAY too often to the Cowboys. The front office absolutely fails at finding useful players past the 3rd round and its killing the team. From '08-'11 we have Scandrick and Harris to show for all of the draft picks between rounds 4-7 in 4 years. If you don't believe this team has a serious problem in identifying talent then I'm not even sure what to tell you.
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    God, that draft board is hilarious.

    3rd round grade on Leveon Bell. 4th round on Kiko Alonso. 3rd Rounder on Kyle Long.
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    Are you referring to Dawkins? I think the OP explained that a bit with the fact that there were 'log jams' with teams. Considering that he was drafted by the Vikings (who took Floyd in the first round, already have Kevin Williams and other vets), maybe that's the reason he did not make the team?

    As far as late round talent goes, how many teams actually hit on that many players throughout all rounds consistently?

    Every now and then you get a 2005 Cowboys type draft where you hit big early, and get some steals in the late rounds... Seattle had a 2010 very similar to that. But most teams don't do that consistently. In fact I haven't really seen any team do that lately, year in year out.
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