Players that impressed me on Oct 16

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Oct 16, 2010.

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    the meanest RT I seen so far is

    Richard Lapham, Boston College 6-8 #325 – whats with BC an RT’s

    This kid would turn Young on his head

    SS Tyler Sash Iowa 6-1 #210 – he just makes plays

    OG Julian Vandervelde Iowa 6-3 #300 – say him Pancake a couple Mich players

    Steve Schilling Mich 6-5 #297 – gotta like him

    ISLBer Jeremaih Hunter Iowa 6-2 #235 – he slow but makes plays

    ISLBer Josh Bynes, ILB, Auburn 6-2 #239 – looks like a good nickel LBer

    OT Sherrod – Miss St never passes the ball – but he is athletic enuf to run block – the kid can move – makes it to the second level easily – they only threw the ball once

    I hate Pouncey from Florida had center troubles again –

    but I know we need this type of player

    I will never have him in one of my mocks
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    I need to see this Lapham kid.

    If we cap cut Davis you could plug in Pouncey at RG day one.

    He's a lot like Gurode who is easily a top 5 center.

    Gurode has his snapping issues but eventually got them worked out.
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    that Lapham kid is not even on most mocks - now I have seen him high as a third rounder and as late as UDFA

    I don't know I see bad reviews of him - then I see good ones

    but what I say today was a kid that liked hitting people

    right tackle is 6-8, 322-pound senior Rich Lapham, who is about to begin his third season as a starter. He continued to improve as a forceful run blocker, paving a huge swath of running room for the backs. Still, he can be a little heavy-footed, exposing him to smaller, faster pass rushers

    Richard Lapham, OT; Boston College
    - A massive three year starter at right tackle for the Eagles. Absolute smash mouth road grader


    OT-Rich Lapham- v-shaped body/ nice job sustaining blocks

    so who knows

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