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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by StanleySpadowski, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. StanleySpadowski

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    Are there players out there that having rumors swirling about them? Off field issues that may not be public knowledge yet ala Marcus Vick but still something to consider.

    Are there players that are going to dominate the underwear olympics but you want no part of at the spot they'll end up going?

    Who's on your "no thank you" list.

    I'll start with Mike Kudla DE Ohio State. He's going to put a show on the combine that's never been seen before. Lot of talk about him pushing 50 reps and running sub 4.6. Production just didn't show on the field though. Wouldn't mind him in the third, but I see the combine pushing him way too high possibly late first if the numbers are true.
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    OT Winston Justice (USC) was suspended from the team and school for all of the 2004 season for pointing a gun at a student and charged with picking up a prostitute during the summer of 2004.
  3. Anguillidae

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    Eric Winston (OT from Miami) has signed agent Drew Rosenhaus.
  4. StanleySpadowski

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    I didn't know about the prostitute. One transgression may be a mistake. Two and a pattern of "thuggery" really shows.
  5. Hiero

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    ouch. double whammy. knee problems and drew.
  6. Dayton Cowboy

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    I would not want him in the first, but i think he could be a 2nd round pick easily.. I don't know about his production not showing. That 'd' was all about the linebackers so he did not get the press that Hawk, Carpenter and Schlegel got. But to say he did not show on the field would not really be accurate. I also think he could transition to an olb in the 3-4 similar to how Vrabel developed from a DE to where he is on the Pat's LB corp..
  7. StanleySpadowski

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    I could see how some can make the Vrabel comparision. I'm just betting that he "Mamula"s the combine which will push him way too high for his on field production.
  8. SDogo

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    Marcus McNeill
  9. Dayton Cowboy

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    I think you could be right about his going higher because of a stellar combine. And I know how some could make the jump to compare to a possible Mamula-like draft status.. I am betting however he's more like Vrabel is now. Vrabel did not do anything like what Kudla was doing at OSU.. They had a lot a lot of zoneblitzes at OSU where Kudla would drop back into coverage not to mention the consistant play at the defensive end position.

    If you want to talk about OSU guys that are going to be picked ahead of where their play would bring them.. Youboty is getting press as a first rounder. He's way overrated, he should have stayed in school for his senior season. I would not pick him this season before round 3.
  10. MrPhil

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    WOW! I had no idea Justice has been involved in this type stuff. I don't suppose the gun instance was self-defense was it? If not, DEFINITELY cross off the list.....

    SALADIN Jumper

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    I did all that on my commute to work this morning :rolleyes:

    Honestly, these's a young man who had a pretty good game in yesterday's NFC Chanpionship who had a rap sheet as long as he is tall (6'7). Since he's been in the league he's gotten his act together is is now one of the better young TE's in the league. Jeremy Stevens anyone?

    Anyone wish the Cowboys took a chance on Koren Robinson?

    I don't condone what Winston did at all but he's straightened himself out enough to be part of this years USC team and I'd take a chance on him

    ~ cough behavioral clause in contract~
  12. fortdick

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    Someone took his ATV and he . . . no wait, I was thinking od someone else. :lmao2: :skins:
  13. MrPhil

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    You know, I was thinking the same exact thing........would make a great range partner.....errr I mean teammate for Sean Taylor.
  14. TwoSteppinJJ

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    Jimmy Williams of the hokies....

    Hes got loads of talent but is like a Terrell Owens on defense a big baby!
  15. Tass

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    Looks like he's played LB before...
  16. Bob Sacamano

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    cross any QB off the list, Parcells hates young QBs
  17. cobra

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    Except when he drafted Drew Bledsoe with the #1 overall pick.

    Or when he drafted Chad Pennington with his first pick.

    I swear, you people just make this stuff up about what BP will or won't do.
  18. ghst187

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    Cutler= overrated
    Justice= already noted in thread
    Winston=no U players please
    Williams = toast, also a punk. Also, horrible CB class
    Leinert=best of a bad class
    V Young= not seeing his success translate at the next level and definitely not for a good number of years, will turnover the ball way too much and a ton at the next level
    Reggie McNeil= just not a good QB and not NFL QB material
    Ngata= 330 pounds with one MAJOR knee injury in his history already and had another minor one in the bowl game. Too much weight on shaky knees equals bad investment decision and probably a short career
    M McNeil= I'm very suspicious only because back problems can end a career so fast it'll make your David LeFleur spin
    Youghboty= flat out toast, often. Just not a good CB IMO
    Rod Wright= was high on him last year, did he play this year?
    Gabe Watson= same as above
    D Ferguson= great player with great technique but how does a guy play NFL OT at only 280ish pounds? Needs to add 30-40 pounds or he'll be a TE.
    Reggie Bush= just kidding.
  19. StanleySpadowski

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    Furguson weighed in at the Senior Bowl at 297 and supposedly drew oohs and aahs about his physique then dominated practice. He's number one on my board for NFL success.
  20. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Hasn't he had like some injury concerns?

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