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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RamziD, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Spencer may be a "dumb" player... But check out who lead the team in defensive penalties– do we get rid of him too?

    Also Spencer was rated by one organization as the best... yeah the best, 3-4 OLB vs the run in 2011. He was in the top 5 in 2010.

    Think about that... you may get another guy in Spencer's place who can get a couple more sacks a season but if the ability to stop the run isn't anywhere close to Spencer's what have you really gained?
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    DeCastro would be the only player on the board at #14 that you would say will come in and be an elite player from day 1 right now. Considering that Dallas could only realistically expect to upgrade two of the three inside OL positions this offseason, an elite level player would really help mask whatever weaknesses remain.

    My big concern about Upshaw is that he would be fine against the run and would probably be at least as good as Spencer rushing the QB, but he might be a touch slower than you would want in an OLB that would have coverage responsibilities in the NFL. He is not a monster and I worry that Dallas would simply get the same production.

    I really like Melvin Ingram. I suspect he will shoot up the draft boards after the combine. He is a very versatile player and lined up all over the place this last season. He actually shows good backpedal for his size and man did he just take over a few games at SC. If Dallas drafts to replace Spencer, this guy would be a good replacement.
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    yeah that one organization wouldn't happen to be the bungles, now would it?
    You seem to forget that the NFL is a passing league and getting pressure on the passer is now MORE important then stopping the run. So SPencers value is decreasing by the year
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    That is pretty much the camp I'm in. If by chance Kirkpatrick was still on the board at 14 I would take him. If he is gone then DeCastro would be my next pick. I will say I would not cry over Ingram should Dallas takes him. In the end I want Dallas taking the best players who also can help fill a need without reaching for that player. Kirkpatrick,DeCastro,Ingram I say yes to each one
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    It's a passing league in today's NFL. Ware leading the team is penalties is concerning, and I'm not trying to make excuses for him, but I believe it's a case of Ware trying to do too much, due to the teammates around him NOT making plays. Spencer is one of those players. Dallas didn't draft Spencer to be solid against the run. Lack of pressure is the main reason why Dallas is sitting home right now. We couldn't stop anyone when it mattered, and we couldn't pressure the QB in big situations.

    Just a gut feeling, but "Almost Anthony" will be the player who cashes in his contract, and regresses year after year. Heck, he was just in a contract year and had a very average season.
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    The best OLB against the run.... woah.

    Come on man. Sacks. Its simple
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    The ability to get to the quarterback more efficiently and regularly. Which in turn means you don't have to blitz other LB's as much who can stay home and stop the run and DB's don't have to cover as long.
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    That's all well and good...

    It's not like Dallas didn't have any sacks this season.

    They tied for 7th.

    And where were they vs the pass?


    It ain't all about sacks.
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    Not that simple. I want to see more from the other side in terms of pressure and sacks but as an OLB in the 3-4 you have got to be able to play the run as well as the agility to drop back into coverage since the OLB will be asked to do this quite a bit.
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    Not Bad list but these areguys that won't be available. Possibly Decastro will be there. Maybe! Upshaw and Kilpatrick will be gone by 14. I'm lookig at either Ingram or Whitney Mercilus or Stephon Gilmore.
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    The big problem I have with Spencer is that he is a really bad pass rusher. I really think the 6 sacks vastly overrates him. He got most of those by chasing a QB that had been flushed out by someone else. I really don't think he got many by whipping a blocker and then taking down the QB.

    If you have seen him pass rush his technique is a farce. He runs up fields and whips his arms around in pattycake style. He doesn't bullrush much. He doesn't have much of an inside counter. He doesn't have the ability to burst up the field and then go horizontal and turn the corner. He is totally inept in that department.

    If we want to bring him back we have to bring in a vet pass rush specialist. By the time you get done paying Spencer and the other FA, you may well have just spent $10M and gotten yourself an elite player.

    I would consider bringing Spencer back but only for around $4M/yr. If he takes such a deal then we still have cap space to try and fill other holes on the defense in FA. Otherwise, we should just look elsewhere to find the OLB needed to improve this defense via FA or the draft. I wouldn't mind Avril from the Lions or Ingram or Irvin in the draft.
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    I don't care who else is available...this is the guy at the top of my list

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