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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tupperware, Sep 19, 2010.

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    I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable football guy around, so I won't for a second pretend to be, but.

    Does anyone get the feeling that our offense looks like 11 star's just running around making things happen? What I mean is, watching the Colts and yes, we've got to account a bit for the fact that they have Peyton, but.. watching the Colts you sense organization and purpose, an "identity" I guess you could call it.

    With our offense, plays break down incredibly quickly it seems and here is Romo running around in the back field looking to improvise. We just don't see to operate well within the confines of a typical play call. You could call it freelancing, too.

    That's not to say I never see it happen, but we just seem so disorganized and clueless half the time. I'm not sure if all of this or most of this comes from the offensive line or not but it's just an observation.
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    I think it's a reflection of our QB. He's good during a typical play, but he's outstanding when the play breaks down and he's dodging rushers and scrambling trying to make something happen.
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    I really love (sarcasm) how after a timeout they're even more confused and disorganized, just something I've noticed.
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    and that's the way it will always have to be because Romo ain't gonna stand in the pocket and take hits.
  5. Heisenberg

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    He does a lot of retreating throws these days. I think that probably hurts his accuracy, but he almost always has someone in his face. I'm not real sure how you can expect him to step into the throw every single time it happens when it happens ALL THE TIME.

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