Playing Basketball With Ballhogs

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Anyone ever play with ball hogs? I do. At my local gym I always play with ball hogs. Guys who think they're Kobe Bryant and trust me these selfish scrubs are no Kobe. They don't know what the word pass means. They're not even good players yet they're always jacking up HORRIBLE shots.

    I consider myself a decent all around player. Not really great at one thing, but pretty good all around. I can shoot pretty well for a big guy. Can rebound well, got a solid lowpost game, decent passer, and when I want to be I can be a pretty solid defender. Not very good on pick and roll because I'm slow, but I'm pretty long and can block a lot of shots. Pretty decent 1 on 1 defender. I'm kinda lazy and inconsistent with my effort since I never get the ball.

    So it just frustrates me to no end when I like I said am I pretty decent player yet I don't get the ball. I try to demand it. Yesterday I yelled at the idiots I was playing with to give me the ****ing ball more than once and to no avail. Only took 4 shots. Made 3. 3 of my 4 attempts were put backs. I actually hit the game winner which was really the only shot I took that wasn't a put back attempt. What else can I do to get the ball? I demand it and they refuse to give it to me.
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    Take it from them or don't play
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    Do they see you in the same light? :laugh2:
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    Hey if my starting point guard was Ramon Sessions I'd hog the ball too
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    Too funny for words.
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    Block their shot and take the ball. They won't see it coming.
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    I'll make sure to that next time I play. Hell I think I'll just play point guard instead of center. :laugh2:
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    My buddies and I went to shoot the ball around one night. There were five us. These 5 other guys came up to us and asked if we wanted to get a pickup game going. Why not? As soon as the game starts these guys break out into a zone defense and then start calling out plays on offense. It was ridiculous. I'd rather deal with a ball hog.
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    Talk to the other guys and agree to not let him have the ball if he starts hogging it or all 4 of you walk off the court.
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    Those guys are easy to beat if they are playing zone they suck at defense. Then again I play with a attack mentality. I attack the zone on a dribble give out and take a few body shots they always back down and I start having lanes to drive in for the layup or a kickout.

    Soft players I make them cry. Guys like that hate the tough guy that will absorb body shots oh and not call a foul.
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    :lmao: :lmao2: Now that was good.

    Take it to 'em Kangaroo!
  13. trickblue

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    It's the "me mentality" of today's athlete...

    If these giant athletes on a team today learned to play the team game like it was invented, they would win the title every year...

    That, and quit giving the extra step... traveling is no longer the exception, it's the rule...

    That being said, I'll finish a game out with a ball hog, then I'm done and go look for another pick-up game...
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    Seriously. That's 100 times worse.

    I played intramural flag football one year and we played a team who not only had plays, but had one of those QB wristband things and audibles. It was ridiculous. Worst sports experience of my life.

    I agree with Kangaroo, I love when guys play zones. It means that they are all soft defenders.
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    We played a team like that the other week and smashed them. 2 pick-sixes and added 4 passing scores. They had fancy shirts too...dri-fit football style with nicknames on the back and shoulder numbers haha.
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    All due respect (and I mean that), but the whole "Today's generation only has a me mentality" is as tired as it is untrue.

    On the list of Top 10 most single season shot attempts, Wilt Chamberlain is #1 - 6. Rick Barry is on there twice at 8 and 9 and Elgin Baylor is #7.

    So 9 of the Top 10 guys in that category played well before "today's athlete". Jordan is the only modern baller on that list, and that was before he had help.

    On the flip side, the Top 10 list for most assists in a season features primarily modern day players. John Stockton is 7 of the Top 10. Isiah Thomas and Kevin Johnson are on there along with Kevin Porter.

    So the idea that today's generation takes more shots and passes less is completely bunk. The moment some caveman invented the first competitive sport, I guarantee you there was another caveman that literally refused to share "the rock".


    As far as the OP, I suggest you learn to love defense. Every game, pick an opponent and dog him up and down the court. Learn to take pleasure in his failure to generate any offense, make him as frustrated as you are for not seeing the ball on the other end.

    Eventually, you'll find that as you become more dominant on D, you'll magically start receiving the ball more on O.

    The second step is to learn to pass better. I don't mean that as soon as you get the ball you look to get rid of it. Be patient. Get the ball and wait, tell teammates to cut and get other guys involved. Hit guys coming off screens and get the ball to people in position to score. Reward those that post up, and reward those that play D along with you. Become a fan of your teammates as well, root them on and encourage guys working for good shots to keep taking them even if they miss a few. Don't forget to root for guys that are hitting the boards too, even if they are timid on O.

    I guarantee you that if you learn to love D and learn to get the ball to other people that are working hard, as opposed to just standing around the three point line, you'll find the ball in your hands more and more on offense.

    The truth is that no one likes a ball hog. The biggest mistake people make is that when they play with ball hogs, they become the monster they loathed and start chucking it up whenever they touch it.
  17. Bizwah

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    I suggest you try to find a group of buddies and get your own games going with them.

    I've been playing with a group of my friends for about 20 years now. We get together every Monday night at 7:30. There are about 17 of us that regularly play. Fortunately, we usually have about 10 to 12 guys actually show every week.

    It's kind of a big deal in our little town. A lot of guys have asked to join us, but we politely turn them down. We have a good thing going with our group. No one thinks they're an all-star, no one plays like a super jock.

    We just play....

    As the years have gone by, we've seen guys come and go with injuries, some have moved away. We've seen each other's kids grow up...some of them are actually beginning to join our little group. But we have kept the same core group. When one guy leaves, we invite another guy to take his place.

    We're not the same players we were 20 years ago. We're older, slower, and fatter than we used to be. But it's still's still good competition between us. We have some amazing guys that play. The oldest is 73 years old. Amazing...he runs the floor well (even outrunning some of the younger guys)...he only has 3 fingers on his right hand...and he can shoot the lights out.

    I know it may sound like we're jerks for not letting others in....but we reserve the gym ourselves, and assume the risk if anything happens. So, we're very picky about who comes.

    I hope you find a group to play with. There's nothing quite like playing ball with your buddies.

    I'm getting ready to go play tonight as a matter of fact. By now, my wife knows to have several bottles of water, and Advil ready on the counter when I get back.

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    So what you're saying is that you guys got a good, old fashioned, woodshed type beating? :)

    lol. Every team in the league I play in has plays, QB wristbands, and audibles. It doesn't mean that they're all good. lol.

    This exactly.

    We've got teams in our league just like this that win like 2 games a year and get CRUSHED by other teams.

    All that stuff means jack.
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    I've played with Dre Beats hogs before.

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