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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Web site I work with is having their first interactive staff mock and I have the Cowboys. We made it to the 39th pick in round 2 tonight before calling it a night. We will be going all 7 rounds. I just wanted to let you guys know how I have done so far and get some feedback. I approached this draft as if we did not acquire PacMan because I think Dallas should do the same either way, I did predict we would send a 6th to Tennessee and made moves to account for it even going as far as agree with the Titans GM to take our 6th round pick.

    Round 1, Pick #22-Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
    As predicted there was drop of RB's. McFadden went #4 to Oakland and Mendenhall to Detroit at 15. With Stewart dropping it was hard to pass up. My heart was broken when Keith Rivers was taken by Washington at 21 and DeSean Jackson by Philadelphia at 19. I battled with taking Talib (went to GB at 30) or Sweed (went to Tennessee at 24) but Stewart was to much of a talent to pass on.

    Round 1, Pick #28-Traded to the Carolina Panthers
    I got an email from the Panthers GM around pick 18 saying if Brian Brohm was still on the board he was interested in making a deal. There was some good talent still on the board, Talib for one but when he threw in a 2009 1st round pick I could not pass it up ala the last 2 years. In the trade Dallas landed the Panthers 2nd round pick in 08' #43, 6th round pick in 08' #172 and the Panthers 1st round pick in 2009.

    Round 2, pick #39-from the 49ers-Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
    I sat and watched as Manningham and Hardy dropped to 39th pick and knowing both Buffalo and Denver were in need of WR's and could possibly take both I emailed the 49ers GM and stamped out a deal sending the 43rd pick in round that we acquired from Carolina to SF along with our 5th round pick #153 and a 2009 5th round pick.

    I have the following picks to work with to round out the draft as of now:

    #58 in round 2
    #91 in round 3
    #122 in round 4
    #172 in round 6
    #217 in round 7

    Looking at the next pick and the players available, we should have a great first day IMO. The following is some of the talent still available:

    RB Ray Rice
    RB Chris Johnson
    WR James Hardy
    OT Sam Baker
    DE Lawrence Jackson
    DE Quentin Groves
    DT Red Bryant
    LB Beau Bell
    CB Reggie Smith
    CB Patrick Lee
    CB Justin King
    CB Charles Godfrey
    CB Tracy Porter
    S Tyrell Johnson
    S Thomas DeCoud

    Any suggestions as to where I should look. I was thinking one of the CB's that seem almost certain to be there.
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    Manningham couldnt catch a cold if you sneezed in his face....much less a football in a critical point of a ballgame
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    make a move for Tracey Porter, unless you think he'll fall to 58
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    If Stewart is there at 22, we need to take him. But putting off our first rounder again is something I just don't see.
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    You're doing pretty good, especially with the "wheelin' 'n dealin'". Jerry would admire your skills.

    I can't believe you passed up Hardy for Manningham, you're killing me. :)
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    Lee, Porter and Red Bryant would be my targets.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    What's your plan at CB?
  8. SDogo

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    Trust me, I battled with that one. I'm in love with his work out numbers but never saw the production against elite compition to justify it. I'm basically fighting the urge to make the mistake of falling in love with numbers.
  9. SDogo

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    There is still a long list of talented CB on the board. I'm really keeping my eye on Porter, Godfrey and Lee. Just going to see how the chips fall and if I have to try and make a move I will but looking at the draft order and team needs I think we can get one of them sitting at 58.

    #40 Saints-took Jenkins in round 1
    #41 Buffalo-took DRC in round 1 (also the reason I traded up for a WR)
    #42 Denver-not likely at all to look at CB
    #43 SF-Have Harris and Clements, need depth but have more pressing needs
    #44 Chicago-not likely to even smell a CB
    #45 Detroit-Very likely to take 1 of the CB's
    #46 Cincinnati-not likely to address CB at all
    #47 Minnesota-One of the wild cards, could be interested in a CB
    #48 Atlanta-not likely to address CB this early
    #49 Philadelphia-Really can't see them adding a CB
    #50 Arizona-Corner is very high on their list
    #51 Washington-could have some interest in a CB but not likely this high
    #52 Tampa Bay-Very likely to address CB
    #53 Pittsburgh-OL will be top priority
    #54 Tennessee-CB is not a high priority
    #55 Seattle-CB is not a need
    #56 GB-Selected Talib in round 1
    #57 Miami-needs everything but CB not likely a priority in round 2

    I think we are sitting pretty good to land one of those corners but I'll just keep an eye on the flow and try to make a move if I must.
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    CB is definitly priority #1 now.
    For more input see below.:)

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